Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi Friends!

Wow - I'm overwhelmed by all the awesome comments on my Step Card for There She Goes Mother Of All Blog Hops!

Now I know it's a HOP and I'm supposed to get tons of comments for hoppers to get in on prizes, but really - there was a lotta love left for me!!  Thanks!!

I'll be a few days before posting some new stuff. 

Our Allyson Rioux Memorial Foundation Golf Outing and Celebration Dinner was a great success.  After 3 days of constant rain, the skies cleared and our golfers had a great day!  Dinner followed to honor three beneficiary families going through financial struggles and we awarded the annual scholarship!

There was no time to craft!!  So I gotta get my tush back in my room to play along with some challenges and make some cards!!!!

Hope you have a great week!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Olga said...

I missed the hop but your card was drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

That card deserved every ounce of love that it received, Maria!! Soooo fabulous!
Hope you have a great week. :)

Monica said...

Glad that it all went off so well... the Universe strangely comes to our help when our intent is good... some waffle there.

That stepper card has still got me swooning,

Monica xxx

jimlynn said...

Maria, you deserved each and every one of those comments on that card! It's just awesome!
Glad the weekend was a success too.

Cheryl said...

First, your card sooooo deserved every comment you got.

I'm happy your fundraising golf outing and dinner went well. Congrats!

I hope you are feeling better!

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