Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from Orlando & CHA !!

Well, I'm back from Orlando and CHA Craft Show. Wow! Is my pocketbook a little lighter - thanks to the encouragement from my hubby :)
I have to admit...I fell in love on this trip..........with Papertrey Ink! Oh My Goodness! I had been on the website before, but just never pulled the trigger...well, I made up for lost time this weekend. This was the most happenin' booth at CHA. I waited in line for about 45 minutes just to get INTO the booth...but it was worth the wait. I got to meet Nichole Heady who I politely informed that I was a "virgin" to Papertrey! Oh, was she excited to meet me! I told her I'd make her VERY proud!! Here are some pics of what I picked up!

First off..count 'em...TEN sets of stamps...(not including the free set for spending over $100)..I brought home THREE free sets!! OH MY! (Made my mom and Cindy happy!) And I also picked up a few ink pads and vintage buttons!

I decided to get the Papertrey cardstock and a few packs of patterned paper since my cardstock never matches my pattern paper and it annoys me! I also bought some ribbon!

Lastly, I picked up a new Glue Arts adhesive runner and replacement cartridges. I'm still getting use to using this one...I hope to come to love it b/c I have a lot of replacement cartridges to use up!

I bought three sets of MFT stamps for Cindy - The Shoe Lover, the Spa Lover and the Purse Lover (not sure of their actual names).
So, the show was a success for me! I had a lot of fun w/ my mom and we had a few "moments of laughter" with her in her "Scoot-around"........especially when she almost took down the Splitcoast Stampers/Mantastic booth!! Oh MY !



Barbara said...

Hey, Maria!!! Girlfriend, I thought *I* bought a lot of stuff! You cleaned up!!! I so enjoyed our time together in line--it would have seemed twice as long without you to laugh with!!!

You'll appreciate this: that night, I thought of several other things I "should" have gotten. So, since I had an exhibitor's badge, I scooted in there a few minutes early on Saturday morning and was FIRST in line!! Yeehaw!

OK, gotta go unpack--just got home and had to get online, LOL! I'm hopeless!! Do keep in touch!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Oh my gosh! How fun that you got all that but all I can think is, "she's going to have to stamp round the clock to use all that stuff". Of course would that be so bad? :-)

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