Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doggy Sympathy

Sadly, my neighbor had to put her black lab mix, Maggie, down this week. Maggie was a sweet old girl that would always greet you with a huge tail wag!! I dropped off this card to Tracy and hope it will help her through this tough time.

I used this Penny Black stamp along with a MFT sentiment and some pawprint brads.

So I guess I'll come clean with my truths & lies that came with the "creative writer award":

1) My dogs can howl "I love you". (Lie - although I wish they would!!)
2) I earned a full scholarship to college for bowling. (Lie - actually I received a full scholarship for softball & volleyball)
3) I clean my house every Saturday. (BOLD FACE LIE!!!)
4) I've lived in 10 different States. (Lie - I have only lived in CT)
5) I flashed a charter bus full of New York Mets. (TRUTH! - Yes, during those crazy college days!)
6) I drive a Maserati. (Lie - but my husband wants to!!!)
7) I cook the BEST rack of lamb!!! (Lie - I.D.O.N.T.C.O.O.K.)

I fooled a few of you!!!

Hope you are having a good week!


Irena said...

Very beautiful card, the stamp is lovely, the colors are wonderful.
Have a wonderful day!

Cheryl said...

You flasher you! Ha ha ha - good lies!

Your card is beautiful! I hope this will bring some comfort to your friend.

jimlynn said...

Lovely card Maria. It's always so sad to loose an animal. They just become part of your family too fast.
NOW! I AM REALLY LAUGHING! I was SO hoping that that one was not a lie! I mean, how much fun can you get! I guess now I'll have to start referring to you as FLASH instead of Maria!

Harriet Skelly said...

Beautiful card! LOL a flasher - that is so funny!

Nordicblogger said...

Haha, you fooled me, for sure. Love the card, but I'm sorry about the dog. It's always hard when our furry friends die.

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