Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day & Chicago Concert !!!!

Hello!! Hope you all had a terrific weekend. We sure did!!! But before I tell you about the weekend, here's a card that Cindy made for her brother-in-law, Andy, for Father's Day.  This is a Mo Manning image colored with prisma pencils and gamsol.  The sentiment is computer generated.  I'm not sure of the paper, but it definitely goes with the "garden" theme!!!  Cindy and I colored the same image for Father's Day card and we actually picked the same "shirt" for the gardener! Too funny!!

As I said, we had a terrific weekend!!!  We left Connecticut on Friday and flew out to Chicago to see the Eagles 2010 tour which also included Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks (our favorite!!!). 

Once we landed and got to our hotel - our first order of business was to get to a place for lunch!!!  Here's a picture of Jill and Cindy while we waited for our food.  About 1/2 hour after this shot was taken.....a HUGE storm came through! First it started with a drizzle, then big rain drops, darkened sky, high wind - then HUGE HUGE wind. The awnings we were sitting under were blowing up and down. All the diners had to run inside for cover!  The storm made national news. I don't think there were any injuries, but there was power outages and some damage to store windows.

On Saturday, Frank, Jill, Armen and Dede went to the Cubs game.  Frank can't decide if he's a Met Fan or a Cub Fan, but here he is with The Cub!!! 
(Cindy and I went shopping, but when we found out Chicago's sales tax is 10%,
it put a damper on our excitement!!)

At 4:30 PM it was off to the concert at Soldier Field! We were SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!  We were lucky enough to see the Dixie Chicks in Nashville, TN about 5 years ago and they were awesome.
We were upset that they broke up and when this opportunity
came to see them again, we jumped on it! 

The weather was GORGEOUS! It was a PERFECT night for an outdoor concert.
Here's Cindy and I waiting for Keith Urban to come on!

And Frank and I

Here's Frank, Dede and Armen during the intermission of
Keith Urban and the Dixies!

We were 25 rows back from the stage and these pictures were taken with my cell phone. Thank goodness there was the HUGE screen for such pictures.
If you look at the bottom of the stage, you'll see the Dixie Chicks singing away (but they are really small).
Can you believe Natalie's hair!!???  Looks like my haircut!!

And lastly, I'm no fashion icon or anything, but really........What is this guy wearing???  I mean, he left the house and his wife (who's standing in front of him) said...."Oh honey - you look awesome! What a great outfit."  
Where is Tim Gunn when you need him??
Well, this might be the longest blog post I ever did!!! Not sure if you made it through, but it was a really great weekend with great friends!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


Irena said...

Great photos.
Your card is wonderful.
Have a wonderful week!

Nordicblogger said...

Great pictures!

The card reminds me so much of my granddad. Thanks for posting it and bringing back memories of my granddad in his garden.

jimlynn said...

Terrific card! And your photos are fabulous! Looks like a good time was had by all! How fun.

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