Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Bliss on 10-10-10

This post has been a LONG time coming!!!! Our friend's John and Julie got married on Hilton Head Island, SC this Sunday on 10-10-10. (That's why the blog was on sabbatical!!).  It was a great wedding, beautiful weather, fun friends and family sharing in the joy of their marriage!!

But the story starts a few months before!!!  After John and Julie got engaged and started planning their wedding, they asked Cindy and I to make their wedding invitations. Holy Cow! We had never done invitations like that before, but we were up for the task and honored to be asked.

Since J&J were planning a sunrise wedding, they wanted the sunrise to be the theme of the invite. Cindy and I scoured pictures of sunrises and came up with a color scheme that we liked. We created an invite and after a few changes here and there, J&J approved the invite design.

So, this summer Cindy and I made the invites.   Here they are:

Here is what was under the vellum:
Since we haven't 'yet' learned to use the brayer - Cindy and I worked with dye ink and sponges on glossy cardstock. The first thing we did was to emboss the sea grass (PTI stamps). After that, we used post-it notes to make a horizon and started sponging yellow ink.  We then cut a post-it in half to make the sunrise out of the horizon and continued to sponge yellows and oranges. Towards the top we added light blue.

Then we turned to post-its around and started working upward from the beach to the ocean. We dragged across the bottom two distress ink pads to make the dry & wet sand look. Then sponged some light blue into deeper blue to make the water. 

John asked why we wanted to use the vellum over the sunrise and our answer was two-fold. It was the only way for us to put the actual wedding wording ON the invite front hide any mistakes/blemishes :)    Let me tell you.......I love vellum!!!!! ( ha ha ha )

If you turned the invite over - we made a pocket and typed up the weekend events and how to RSVP.  We used a Martha Stewart seashell punch for the bottom border. 
I'm so happy I have a nice relationship with one of the employees at my local stamp store, because when I went to buy the punch, they had sold out. She kindly lent me HER personal punch to punch out what we needed for the invites. How sweet!

Here are a few pictures of the "actual' sunrise from the morning of the wedding:

The bride and groom:

And here is the beautiful couple up close :)
So, congrats to John and Julie and wishes for a wonderful, happy love-filled marriage together! Thanks for allowing Cindy and I to be a part of the wedding and for hosting all of us down in SC!!!  It was a blast and we are so happy we got to share in the celebration!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!
Maria and Cindy


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Gorgeous, you did an amazing job on the invitations, they are breathtaking and fit so well with the actual sunrise. (patting you on the back)

jimlynn said...

Glad you're back! Sounds like you must have had a marvelous time. The pictures of the sunrise are just gorgeous.........
You and Cindy did one fantastic job on those invitaions! They're just beautiful. Love the looke of the vellum too. As I said, just BEAUTIFUL.

Cheryl said...

The invitations are gorgeous! How wonderful! I love how you used the vellum.

Welcome back!

Meg said...

Wow, beautiful invitations and a beautiful wedding! What an honor to have your friend request invitations from you!

Vicki said...

Maria and Cindy, so good to have you back!! The invitations are stunning! Well worth all the work you put into them! And what a wonderful moment for all of you! The newlyweds are truly blessed with fantastic friends! Great new beginning for them! Blessings to you all!

Laura said...

WOW! what a stunning invitation.Very creative with the vellum.And the Photos of the sunrise are beautiful.It's a blessing to see all GODS creation.!

Jacqueline (Scraps of Life) said...

Maria and Cindy, those invites turned out absolutely beautifully! You didn't need a brayer, you're sponging is gorgeous! Fabulous job with the invitations! I'm so glad I finally get to see what you have been working on! And Maria, thanks for visiting my "new" blog :) I hope you like it as much as my "old" one...LOL.


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