Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birdie Birthday

My cousin Julie loves birds. She and her husband have two and she sends donations to bird rescue groups and sanctuaries too!  Her birthday was last week and I came across this Studio G stamp in Joann's and knew it would be perfect for her card!

I embossed two of the stamped images and made another similar card at the same time:

Now, along with her birthday card, I sent Julie a little gag gift. Each Christmas when our families get together we have a grab bag. You bring one gift valued at $75.00 and one gag gift. Could be anything. We've had old shoes, holey underwear, snuggies, etc. 
One year we had a horribly ugly cast rooster statue. I got it for $5.00 at Home Goods and thought I was paying TOO much for it! It was THAT ugly.
The rooster was a big hit and that night, when we went to bed we found the rooster in our bed (LOL)
That started the rooster hide & seek game between the families. (along with the rooster's two other siblings I picked up!)
These roosters would find themselves going back and forth to each other's houses and placed where the homeowner's wouldn't find them for a while....or placed in full view and dressed for holiday seasons.
(I knew I took some pictures, but for the life of me can't find them!)

Anyways.....when I was in TN with my other cousins, I came across a rooster stamp. I figured I'd make a set of cards for our grab bag this year using the stamp, but Julie actually wrote me and asked me to make her some 'bird' notecards! Perfect timing!!!
So, I quickly stamped these up and sent them to her along with her birthday card.
She actually liked them!!
Not sure if you hung in for this long post........but now I'm done chatting!


jimlynn said...

Love your little "bird" cards - yes, even the chicken one too! Very cute.
And what a wonderful and fun way to celebrate at Christmas - so funny about the rooster. I'm sure it's just a hoot!

Cheryl said...

Pretty cards! I love the bird image and the colors you used.

We have a grab bag too. We have a hideous mechanical monkey that keeps getting passed around every year.

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