Sunday, January 9, 2011

CAS Cards

I receive Susan's blog updates (Simplicity by Late Blossom) and she is such an AWESOME Clean and Simple card maker. It's very inspiring to see the work she can accomplish by minimalism!

I received THIS blog post update from her and decided to follow along and here's what I came up with:

Two nice, clean (and QUICK) cards!!!

On Friday, we had another snowstorm here in CT. Personally, I don't mind the first few of the season.  When we get to about our 6th one - I'll get tired of it, but for now - I love it!

Lynn asked how my dogs like the snow.......they LOVE it - especially Lily.  Here are some pics from Friday:

Layla with a face full of snow!
 Lily with a body full of snow!
 Nolie just chillin'
 Nolie and Lily playing chase and peek-a-boo!
 Lily and Nolie wrestling and Layla wondering what the heck they are doing!
 Ahhhh...Nolie rollin' around!
Have a great day!!

Thanks for your visit!


Naturally Me Creations said...

Very nice! Some of my favourite cards that i've made are about as minimalist as one can go before the card is just a plain old piece of white card stock. :)
I really love these cards, with a simply decorated tag as decoration! The bee message is just too cute! :D

Your Layla with a face full of snow makes me think of my DeeDee with a face full of chip crumbs, hehe. We gave her a empty packet of cheese chips to lick out and keep her entertained, so she climbed half in and ended up full of orange chips crumbs. :)

jimlynn said...

First and foremost......Layla, Lily and Nolie are TOO CUTE!!!! Glad they like the snow since yall have so much up there - don't guess they have a choice do they!!! They look like they're having fun. And since we never get snow here I really liked looking at the photos....guess I'll just have to "move north"!!!
Now, on to your cards - they're GREAT! Like the little tags on them....Very nice. The little "bee" one stole my heart!

Meg said...

Oh, what fun tag cards! I especially love the second one with the pink and red together!

But onto the most important part....DOGS IN THE SNOW!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll have to show Addison these pictures so she'll know what to do if we get more than an inch tonight!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Love your cards, this is a resolution for me, to figure out how to make CAS cards, so I am glad to have found the blog so I can now follow along. Love yours. Your puppies look like they are having the best time. It is snowing today, so I will have a Lucky in the snow picture for my blog. I sometimes miss the big storms we had in CT, but getting over it quick. It will be 60 here on Friday.

Cheryl said...

Love these CAS cards, especially the little bee. Looks like you are mastering this style!

My dogs act the same way in the snow! I love watching them romp around.

Monica said...

Hi Maria,

I am a big fan of Simplicity late blossom. I love her simple and bold styles. Her work shines out from the clutter of busy cards.

Thanks for your kind comments. I am afraid I could not picture the wedding card well but I hope I am able to post it to my cousin (who's wedding it was) before her first anniversary!!! Ha Ha!

The wedding was a five day affair but it was not loud and flashy - yet elegant and enjoyable.



Monica said...

Love the pics of your dogs in the snow. So lovable!

xxx M

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