Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back from vacation!

Ahhh, it was SO NICE to get away and be in temperatures above 70 degrees!!!  And...to get that natural Vitamin D!  We went to Naples, FL with some friends for a few days and had a fun time! Ate some good food, laid on the beach for two days, made a home cooked meal (well, I washed the fruit and also did the dishes) and watched Green Bay win the Superbowl! Yah!!!

So, I have nothing crafty for today's post - but I do have a few quick shots from vacation!

This is become my 'vacation shot' that I email to my neighbor!
I always get a nasty email back from him! LOL

 You can't go wrong vacationing where there are palm trees (in my opinion)

My parents came down from Tampa and spent the day and evening with us.
Here is my mom with my hubby Frank. Love this picture!

Oh, and this was inside the menu that night! Aren't WE special??

I used the saying 'ridonkulous' to Cindy the other day and she said she never heard anyone say that....so,
when I saw this sign at an ice cream shop - I had to send her the picture!

The obligatory sunset shot!

And although my husband LOVES The Waffle House (and ate there three mornings in a row this trip)....
here he is rockin' on a Cracker Barrel rocking chair!

And........my Nutella Trifle was posted on the World Nutella Day 2011 Recipe Roundup!
Go HERE and scroll down a few to see my trifle!

There was a tragedy on my trip though.....my small bottle of Nutella that Frank bought for me in Naples (to celebrate WND) was confiscated at the airport yesterday!! I know those TSA agents had an ulterior motive!!!  LOL

And one more thing if you can stand it!
Meg of Corgi Creations was kind enough to send me a book called "A Dog's Purpose".  I finished reading it on Saturday on the beach.  It's such a sweet fiction book and at the end, left me with a few tears.  Not 10 minutes later...my phone buzzed and I received an email from Taz's new mom!!
Let me tell you.......the waterworks were overflowing!!!
Here's her email:

"Hello CT Humane Society Staff!

I haven't had much time to update you all until now. Taz is doing great! He is a happy man and is spoiled rotten and loving life :)   He had only one accident in the house and that was the first day he arrived to his new home. He is the love of my life. Everyday he accompanies me on hiking trails, plays outside, is great with other dogs and has a girlfriend Hazel (my neighbors dog).

He is crate trained and is very attentive to me. He even gets to sleep in my bed at night time.
Unfortunately, Taz will not be at the Humane Society ever again (unless its for a visit)

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but Taz is wonderful and happy."

How could I NOT be bawling over this wonderful email?????  So happy for Taz :)

Thanks for your visit!


Naturally Me Creations said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Nice beach photos. :)

What a crime about your Nutella...ish! Hehe. (but seriously, 'tis a real crime)

Yay for your Nutella trifle! :D

Naturally Me Creations said...

Ooooh! Tnx for linking to those Nutella recipes! Nutella banana bread sounds heavenly, i think! I gotta head back there and copy some recipes, hehe. :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Lovely photos, but OH THE TRAGEDY of the confiscated Nutella! Yeah, some TSA agents definitely had a craving ;)

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Thanks for sharing you wonderful pictures and the Nutella Trifle, love Nutella! What an email to get, just wonderful, love happy endings. TFS.

Monica said...

Hey Maria,

Looks like you had a swell vacation... welcome back!

Great pics there - your mum and hubby look great. And am so happy that Taz has settled in well with his new owner. Must be such a glorious relief for you.

Thanks for sharing the pics... and congrats for your recipe being posted. Will go there next time.



Anne Marie said...

What?? Those TSA agents took your Nutella?? They probably wanted it for themselves because they know how yummy it is! ;) Looks like you had a fun trip! Great photos and I love the beach shot. My mom lives in Tampa, too. We are planning a trip to visit soon.

Such exciting news about Taz! Ugh (teary-eyed) I love reading about success stories like that. It is such a happy thing! That has to make you feel so good. Thank you for the tip on the book, too. I have to check it out! :)

jimlynn said...

Can't believe those guys took that Nutella (bet they're at home cooking up a storm with it!!!)
Wonderful news about Taz! That just makes everyone happy - including Taz!
Wonderful pictures.........so WARM looking!
Glad yall had a good time.

Meg said...

Yay for palm-tree filled vacations!

Yay for spreading the word "redonk"

Yay for you liking A Dog's Purpose (OMG, that ending!)

but most of all

SUPER BIG HUGE YAY for Taz finding a real forever home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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