Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simple Saturday Card

Yup - that's exactly what this card is.........simple.  

I needed a SUPER QUICK card the other day and this was made in under 5 minutes! (Sorry Tracy - hope you are not offended!)

My neighbor Tracy took care of our dogs one day when Frank and I were away and in conjunction with her promotion - we got her a little 'something' to say congrats and thank you.  I should of taken a picture of the box because it was the same zebra print - so this matched the gift box.

I used a cuttlebug folder with a PTI sentiment and bling bling bling! Simple!

I also received this adorable Thank You card from Meg at Corgi Creations:
I LOVE IT!! Thanks Meg :)

Have a great Saturday!

Thanks for your visit!


Cheryl said...

Wonderful card thank you card! The texture and the color combo make it pop.

Meg said...

Ok, I take back what I said on your other post about the CAS/QAE card--I had all three news posts open and forgot which card I was commenting on! So just to really confuse you, I'll comment on that adorable turtle card: He's just so cute!

I'm glad you got your card right on time! :)

Anne Marie said...

Such a fun card and the fact that you made it in 5 minutes rocks! The texture is cool but the bling makes it pop! Everything is better with bling, I say!

Meg's thank you card is beautiful, too. Wow! :)

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