Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is what my....

garage looks like!!  Not only MY garage...but we've taken over my neighbor's garage too! The tag sale stuff is PILING up!!

(of course - that is NOT my garage........mine is much smaller...but has just as much stuff in it!!!)


Thanks for your visit!


jimlynn said...

LOL!!!! I kept looking at this and just the first part of the post - and thinking - WOW, now THAT is one big "A" garage! (Then I read the last part of the post!!!)
Hope yall have a good day on Saturday. It'll be busy for sure!

Anne Marie said...

I am still chuckling because I kept thinking "that is the BIGGEST garage I have ever seen". Lol! This looks like the makings os a VERY awesome tag sale! Wowza!

Ps: Got some mail from you today...you are the coolest, EVER!! I love all of the images...and the cute puppies! Expect something from me soon. I wanted to make something "original" for you to say thank you. Nothing from the "stash" would do! HeeHee! :)

Gina said...

Doesn't it feel good to get rid of stuff?? Have fun!!

Kathy and Lucky said...

Ok, you had me for a minute, I thought wow do they have a trucking business???? I just know your sale will be a total success with great things.

Monica said...

Wow! Solid stuff there... am sure it will do very WELL!

xxx Monica

gayle-rn said...

WOW I thought that was YOUR garage.Then I read further LOL.I'm sure you ladies will do great.Sure wish I lived closer.I"m in CT.Good luck and let us know how you do!!

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