Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!!!

It's Father's Day!!!!!!!   I don't think TOO many men read my blog....but if you're a dad....I want to wish you a wonderful Father's Day!

I am fortunate to have both my father and father-in-law in my life!  Two great men who are a pleasure to be around and teach me to be a great person!!!

Here's my dad, Dom:

And my father-in-law, Skip

And, although he's not MY dad.........he IS a dad to our dogs!!!
So, wishing my hubby Frank a WONDERFUL Father's Day!   You're a great doggy dad and the girl's are lucky to have you (as am I).

And of course......I had to make a card for Frank (from the dog's of course!!)
So...Frank LOVES Nat Nast shirts...(the kind Charlie Sheen wears on Two & 1/2 Men).  I decided to 'recreate" one of his favorite shirts!!!

I used a DeNami shirt stamp and embossed it in black.

Here's a picture of Frank in his favorite shirt!!

So, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


jimlynn said...

Great photos of all these wonderful men in your life Maria! Yes, you're very fortunate to have both your dad and father in law around - treasure each moment with them.
Love your card and know that your hubby loved it too (from the pups)! Very cute and really like his shirt!

Kathy and Lucky said...

What great pictures such nice looking men and your card is a hoot, love it and you really did capture his favorite shirt. See you soon, can't wait.

Cheryl said...

Totally cool! I love that you recrated his favorite shirt. The card is wonderful. Not only is it personal, but the texture is gorgeous.

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