Monday, June 6, 2011

Norwalk Craft Fair Pics

Way back.......way way back on May 4th, Cindy and I had a craft fair at an office park in Norwalk, CT.  Only people who worked in that office park could attend this fair, but we thought being so close to Mother's Day, we'd do pretty well.  We thought wrong!! LOL.........fair was a pretty big bust.  Only about two vendors did really well. But.........we still enjoyed our time together!!

Here are some pictures of the items we brought to the fair:

Cindy made these cute paper flowers and put them on wooden stems.  Added some Hershey's kisses to keep the flowers inside the bucket!

Cindy put some gems in the bottom of this mason jar, added an African Violet to the opening. You could fill the mason jar with water as a way to 'water' the violet.

This was a basket from Target with some tools and a flower for "mom"

Here are some felt bags Cindy purchased.  We put chocolates inside the bag and added some sentiments to the bags.

Here are some seed packets I made and attached to the landscaping tools.  I'll post more about these tomorrow.

Here's one shot of part of our display.

And here are some funky bracelets and a necklace Cindy made out of pop tops!

A closer shot of the bracelets.

Win some......lose some, right?

Oh.........Jim!! Wakey Wakey!

Thanks for your visit!


Kathy and Lucky said...

Wow great stuff and so perfect for Mother's Day, I cannot believe you did not do well, all your things were wonderful. Guess you never know, probably the type of office/people you were at.

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that your craft fair experience was a bust. Those things are so hit and miss. Totally depends on how much the word gets out. Love all your sweet projects. Your display looked amazing. :)

jimlynn said...

All of these are so cool! Sorry you didn't do better at the fair but I've found that sometimes you do good and sometimes not...just the way it goes I guess. But I really think all the items are precious. (Really like that bracelets and necklaces - now how much beer did yall have to consume to get all those!!!)

Belinda said...

You have such great ideas! I think my favorites are the little felt bags and the garden tools with seed packets on them. They'd make great party favors for just the right kind of party, too.

Cheryl said...

Sorry the fair didn't go better! you had cute stuff. Better luck next time.

Monica said...

Hey Maria,

You people are simply BRILL. Look at this wonderful assortment of stuff you and Cindy had at the fair. Never mind if it did not do well... we win some we lose some. I am so happy to be your follower. I love all that you sold but most of all I am impressed with these bracelets and necklaces and your seed packets.
Cindy and you are just so good... keep it going.
xxx Monica

Anne Marie said...

Sorry you didn't do better at the craft fair but at least you had fun. I think you had a really fun assortment and I LOVE those trays you used for display, too. :)

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