Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sale update!

Well, the show was a bit of a bust yesterday.......we covered our table cost of $50.00 and I think brought home about $35.00, which will go into our "Help a Doggy" fund.

Sadly, not ONE of our doggy treats sold! LOL.......whattiagonnado?   What we are going to 'try' and do is sell them at the Humane Society (if we're allowed) and use the $$ from those sales to benefit the animals at the shelter.

We may put a few gift baskets together too and see if those will sell there as well.  Thankfully crafting is not our full time job!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your wonderful wishes though!

Thanks for your visit!


Monica said...

Awwwe, Maria, pity that the doggie biscuits did not sell. Sometimes people's minds are unreadable. That does not mean that what you created was not lovely. I hope you can sell them at the Humane Society.
And every cent counts towards a good cause. So atleast you made something...

Monica xxx

jimlynn said...

What a bummer! I really thought those would sell as they were so cute Maria.
I guess you have good days and bad days at craft fairs....hopefully the next one will be better. Know you had fun though and that's important too.

Cindy said...

Maria, I'm sorry the craft fair didn't go that well. It is just a sign of the times, unfortunately.. If I was there, I definitely would have bought those doggie treats for my DD's BF's dog, Nadeem, (Naders as she is called.) She would have loved them for Christmas!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Sorry to hear your sale wasn't everything you had hoped. That's such a tough gig. I used to do craft shows, and I remember how hard it can be. Hope you have good luck with the Humane Society instead. :)

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