Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frank's Christmas Gift

I meant to write this post up a while ago, but since the few projects I made recently can't be added to the blog until next week - I thought I'd show you what I gave my hubby Frank for Christmas!!!

In October 2010, we were in Savannah, GA for a wedding and went into this art gallery that had the best paintings of dogs!  We purchased three of them to represent Lily, Nolie and Layla.  They hang in our hallway.  After adopting Buddy.........and Frank's super duper LOVE for him.........I thought that having a portrait done of Buddy by the same artist would be a terrific Christmas gift.  So, I contacted the artist, Steven Schuman, and he said he would do it!!

I had to send him a few pictures of Buddy and he picked this shot to paint:

Steven sent me progress updates of the painting: 

The painting wouldn't arrive in time for I had to think of a creative way to give Frank the gift.  I decided to print off the 'progress' shot and I hand cut it into a puzzle.
I packaged up the puzzle for Frank to open.
Here is a picture of Frank putting together the puzzle on Christmas Eve with some company

It's coming together!!!

On about January 7th, the original painting arrived and here it is hanging on our wall!!

Isn't it AMAZING??????????

I still have to take a shot of Frank with Buddy AND the painting. 
You would think that would be easy to do....but we just haven't done it!

If you have a beloved pet that you'd like re-created in this style....I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Steven!!!

Thanks for your visit!


LadybugCarrie said...

What an awesome gift! I received a painting of my fur babies for Christmas a few years ago. It was the best gift ever! I love that you did the puzzle - how creative! :-)

Lynn McAuley said...

That is amazing!! What a talented artist and a fabulous gift for your husband!! I love how the puzzle had to be solved to discover the gift!!

jimlynn said...

Oh how much fun that was to give your husband the puzzle for Christmas! Wonderful picture of Buddy too! He's a very talented artist!

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, wow, that is amazing! What a fabulous Christmas gift, Maria! Love the puzzle you thought of to hold Frank over until the original painting could arrive.

Monica said...

What a clever idea to make a puzzle out of that... and the painting is so colourful and ofcourse, oh so real... Buddy must feel great!
Monica xxx

Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift! I love this idea. The painting is fabulous. I like the way you gave Frank the puzzle pieces.

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