Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Wreath Three!

TGIF!  This week went by really quickly!!!  Before I get to my final Fall Wreath - I received a TERRIFIC update on Destiny - the foster dog we had. She is doing SO GREAT and they ADORE her! They renamed her Misty and renamed Chi Chi (the other dog they adopted) Layla!  I'm just really thrilled :)

OK - the final wreath I made was inspired by the Sarah from the blog Becoming Martha. I love this flowy burlap wreath she made and I wanted to do something similar.  First off - I didn't have the same burlap. Mine was quite a bit coarser, but it still worked quite well.

First I wrapped the white styrofoam wreath with the burlap. (Note to self - don't buy white wreaths).  Then I started overlapping the burlap all the way around the wreath using twine to hold it in place.  Once complete, I pulled apart the silk sunflowers leaving about a 3" stem and just jammed them into the wreath (yes - jammed!).

I hot glued the leaves behind the flowers and left a space for the "L"

Here's a close up of the yard-wrapped "L" monogram.  I'm happy with the finished product, but this was not too easy to wrap.  Hope my hot glue stays in place!!!

Thanks again for all your great compliments!  I've gotten some nice feedback on Facebook too.  Friends tell me they look SO MUCH BETTER in person - and I'll actually take their word for it because my photography skills are not good! LOL

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Amanda R said...

I think this is my favorite, love all the burlap the bright sunflowers and how cute is the "L"! Your house must look even more fabulous right about now!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh! I love this one the best!!! and even more then the inspired one by Sara... but then I'm a flower person and thoes Sun Flowers are just Beautiful on your wreath!

Olga said...

hands down, this is my favorite!!! I love Sunflowers!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! Another fabulous wreath! This is gorgeous, Maria! SO showy and happy! You have done a fabulous job with your wreath trio!

Monica said...

So happy for Destiny and now Misty... Something told me that they are kind people. Glad that both dogs are loved.
You are on a roll - these wreaths are just tooooo pretty... this one with sunflowers is simply beautiful.

Monica xxx

Lynn McAuley said...

I don't know how this could look any better in person, Maria!! It is stunning!! I love the bright sunflowers and burlap combo! The L stands for Lynn Loves This!!

Karen B. said...

Jammed is a good technical term, I like it! Your wreath is gorgeous, those sunflowers steal the show but you can still see the burlap. Cool.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Maria your wreaths are fabulous! Every door in your home is going to be adorned with beauty!

Cheryl said...

I love this one best! Sunflowers and burlap are two of my favorite things.

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