Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Art Journal.........wait..........what???

Yup...........I'm going to 'attempt' an art journal for 2013.  Am I scared?  Yes.   Do I know what I'm doing?  HELL NO! might be fun to see where I start and to see where I finish!

Gauging from my FIRST page...........I can ONLY improve!!!!!!!! LOL   Check out this hot mess!!

So, I called it a disaster.......but I was instructed by Elizabeth not to, so I'm going to go with "learning process".

Really - I have no idea what I'm doing and have never taken an art class in my life - so except for watching what other bloggers do and You Tube videos........I'm hoping to 'grow' with this journal!

I did have fun using all the bright paint colors and the stencils with the modeling paste, but somewhere in my Sizzix die cut letters it kinda went to crap!

But..........that's why it's a journal and I can only "hope it gets better than this!"

Now go move on along to the next blog......quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I'm entering this in the A Blog Named Hero "Try Something New" Challenge#17!"

Thanks for your visit!


Amanda R said...

Still can't get your posts via email for some reason, even tried to resubscribe so if I miss something I am sorry! I think this is a great first try and love the "no clue" on the bottom. And we all have to start somewhere right? Can't be awesome when we first start but this is pretty darn good!

Amanda R said...

Oh, love the new header with the pictures of the dogs!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Maria you just radiate with color and positiveness!!! First of all, the text part of this post had me in fits of laughter. Secondly, I think this journal page is fantastic. It really shares how you were feeling at the time. New adventure, new craft, new ideas....I am so excited to see how you fill the pages. Thank you for sharing your art and excitement.

Cheryl said...

Yeah for trying something new! I think you are being too critical of yourself but I bet you love your results in just a few months. The most important part is trying something new and learning.

PS I love the colors on this.

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, you are cracking me up! You are one hot mess, girl! But GOOD for you for tackling a new art form this year. I love the idea, and think it's awesome you are doing this. And you are waaaaay too hard on yourself. I think you are nailing the mixed-media art journal thing. Can't wait to watch your journey over the year.

jimlynn said...

LOL!!!!! Your post is hilarious but I'm actually like the page!! Hope that doesn't make me weird! LOL!!! Just tell everyone it's creative PLUS! Love all the colors on here.

Kristen said...

New Year - New craft - No clue! OMG I love that! I do like the page, I think it's fun. Best of luck for 2013!

xo, Kristina
Visitina from ABNH Challenge
Hope you can visit me too <3

Cris said...

I'm seeing lots of art journals lately on the blogs, and I think you are very brave for giving it a go! Personally I wouldn't know where to begin, lol! I think the page turned out happy, bright and with lovely colors, so well done! Thanks for joining us at A Blog Named Hero!

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