Friday, July 26, 2013

Back from California!!!!!!!

Hello!!!!!!  We're back from Cali!  And we all survived the 1/2 Marathon (but not without some major aches and pains!!!)  I'm going to split my wrap up into a few posts.

First up - the entire reason we went out..........the Napa to Sonoma 1/2 Marathon!!!

Here's the full Team Connecticut Winers - which is a mix of 1/2 Marathon team and 5k Team: We all met up to pick up our bibs!

This is the course map.  Holy Crap!

And - I had to take a picture of my gear plus my RFR shirt!!

Of course - the night before the race - I didn't sleep.  I kept anticipating alarm so I was up at 11pm, 2am, 4am and finally 4:45am when the alarm sounded!

We had to meet the shuttle at 5:45am in our hotel lobby and Jill, Cindy and I were SO HAPPY the hotel put out coffee for us!!!!!!!! Yahooo!!!!!!!

I was looking for some extra help with my run. Cindy and I put these wings on our sneakers!

These are just SOME of the runners lining up to start!  See all the way in the distance - 
that itty bitty white sign? That was the START!  I believe there were over 3,000 runners.

Here's our 1/2 Marathon team.........just waiting to get started!!
Pat, Melissa, Kathy, Carol, Sharon, Jill, Cindy and ME!

The weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT on race day!  Overcast and about 62 - 65 degrees!
We hit the starting gate about 4 minutes after the first people to leave did.  I felt REALLY good throughout the majority of the race UNTIL mile 11..........ugh - that was hard!

At Mile 12 I texted my hubby so he could expect me within 10 minutes because I asked him to video me! Then at about 12.65 miles - my phone battery music, no Map My nothing but me to finish!  And here's the short video!  I loved hearing our friend Armen and Dede (along w/ my hubby) cheering me on!

Not a quality picture - but a smile of relief that the finish line was just a few hundred feet in front of me!

After the run - I had to put on my Running for Rescues shirt with everyone who donated names on it!

And - here's all the CT Winers AFTER the run.

I was able to complete the run in 2 hours, 4 minutes and :48 seconds!  I was THRILLED with that time! I was hoping to be under 2:15 - so I can't complain about that!  I finished 68th in my age group, 475th for females and 900th overall!  AND........with the support of my family and friends - I was able to raise over $5,000.00 for Running for Rescues!

But, I'm sticking to my guns.....ONE AND DONE!  There was a lot of pain associated with this run and I know my limits!

If you stuck with me through this post - thanks!!!!!!  And if you donated.......thanks!!!!!!! And if you cheered me on..........thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, you are amazing girlfriend! Good for you and huge congratulations on completing your first half-marathon! I won't say first and never know! ;)
TFS all the awesome photos and video!

jimlynn said...

Maria, I'm SO PROUD of you!!!! That's a long run and so many runners. Glad the weather was nice and you still had a smile at the finish line! I would have to had to been loaded into the ambulance! LOL!

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