Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leopard Print "Congratulations"

Well, sometimes as I look through my scrap paper pile, I just find the MOST PERFECT piece of paper!!!!!!! Well, that's what happened this afternoon! Here's the story behind the card. Our friend, Cheri Kempf, is the Commissioner of the National Pro Fast Pitch Softball League and also, this past weekend, was the ESPN in-studio commentator for the NCAA Division I Softball Championship . She did AWESOME! We are so very proud of her and the job she did on TV. She looked phenomenal and was so professional with her comments, opinions and demonstrations. But....on her first broadcast night, she wore a leopard print shirt, that got mixed reviews from the group of 12 friends who were watching her in CT! There were 5 FOR and 7 AGAINST the shirt. (Thankfully, Cheri's got a great sense of humor and is able to be 'ribbed' and take it in stride)....

So, when I found this scrap paper in my pile, I knew I HAD to use it to send her a Congratulations card for her job well done! Thanks for reading my rambling today - but we're proud friend's of Cheri and I thought it was a cute back story!


Vicki said...

LOL Too funny! Your card is precious and love the story about your friend. She is blessed to have you for friends. My softball friends are going to enjoy this, too. Have a blessed day!

Cindy said...

Love the leopard print paper!!
I'm sure your friend will love it!!

cabio's craft corner said...

what a cute card. You are just so supportive for your friend!

Gina said...

Great job, love the story about your friends shirt.

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