Friday, October 2, 2009

Popcorn Box & Donation Gifting

Yesterday, my husband and I brought the donations we received from our Fall Friendraiser to The Wilson Food Pantry. Through the wonderful generosity of our friends and family, we raised $11,000.00 for this needy cause!!!

I wanted a cute way to give the director the donations - so I went online to find some templates and came across THIS template for a popcorn box.

Since I haven't been feeling well all week, I didn't have the energy to make it very elaborate - so my design is a bit basic - but still pretty cute. I used Hero Arts Flourish stamp and glued on gems. I used a Nestie label and PTI's sentiment.

I wanted to share a few pictures we took at the Food Pantry when we brought the donations. Here we are with Joyce Gumbus, the coordinator and founder, who began the food pantry after retiring from work in 2005. Each week, the pantry gives food to over Stamford 500 families.

Here I am with Ms. Gumbus and some of her happy volunteers!Ms. Gumbus told us that this week the pantry was almost out of funds and she was behind on a few of her bills. She thought we were bringing her a few hundred dollars worth of donations. When we told her it was $11,000.00 - she let out a few wonderful screams! There were some tears flowing and a lot of hugs being given at this point!!

Here are a few pictures of the pantry - which operates out of the basement of the Wilson Memorial Church of God.

Thanks for taking the time to visit today. And if you feel inspired to reach out to your own community, there are many families in need who would appreciate a helping hand!


Anonymous said...

Maria (and Frank)
you guys truly are amazing. What you have accomplished during the month of September alone, between finding Tango a good home, this food pantry donation, and the Humane Society work that Cindy and you are doing week after week, is amazing. Some people don't do this much good in their whole lifetime!
We are proud of you and proud to call you our friends!
- Not Martha!

MiamiKel said...

Such a remarkable and trul wonderful act you are doing for the community and outreach - such a nice blog to stop by and see today and leave me smiling all day!

Cheryl Walker said...

OMGosh that was sooo sweet of you!!! your donation helped alot of people in need, and the is such a wonderful gift ! brought tears to my eyes reading the story you wrote, and how she was out of food,and was behind on bills.

Well on to you popcorn holder, very cute idea! Love it!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

BLJ Graves Studio said...

My, you have been a busy lady. How sweet of you to give of yourself in helping others. :-)

Payne Holler Cards said...

willing hands and God's timing!!! what a blessing...I can't even imagine the joy Ms Gumbus received!! you are an inspiration to us all :))

Heidi said...

God works in mysterious ways doesn't he? What an amazing feat for you to have accomplished, you should feel good! That community is blessed to have you. Oh and the popcorn box was perfect!

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