Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Hair" on Broadway

No crafting today (Saturday) because I went into NYC to see Hair on Broadway. My cousin Carl is an avid Broadway-goer, so when he suggests going to see a show with him, I always try to attend!

Today's show was Hair starring Diana DiGarmo and Ace Young (both from American Idol). The show was pretty good - high energy - but, we really couldn't understand most of the words to the songs they sang. Diana's voice was outstanding and we understood her, but sadly, the others sounded garbled and drowned out. Maybe it was due to the fact that the band (edited) was on the stage behind the actors and when they played, they drowned out the songs.

But, the most shocking thing was that almost the entire cast striped down to their birthday suits at the end of act one. Who knew? I didn't know anything about this play, so when the first two actors started taking off their pants, I was like "whoa" and then more and more until the whole cast was butt-naked on stage! That takes some guts!!!

Well, hopefully I'll get to make something on Sunday after running in morning, walking dogs at Humane Society and then attending a birthday card!!

Have a great Sunday!!!

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