Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Writer Award

Well, normally I don't participate with Blogger Awards - but this one is pretty funny and Cheryl of She Stamps bestowed it upon me - so I accept and will play along. Additionally - I don't have a card to post today.......so this fills in the blank!! :)

Here are the instructions for this award.
1) Express gratitude to the blogger that bestowed the award unto you...So, Cheryl - thank you for the award and I accept!

2) Display this picture proudly on your blog.

3) Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you....Here is Cheryl's terrific BLOG.

4) Tell 6 outrageous lies about yourself and one truth, or 6 truths and one lie.

5) Nominate 6 "creative writers" who might be into doing this

6) Post links to the 7 you nominate and let them know.

So here are my truths & lies - can you tell which ones are lies/truths?

1) My dogs can howl "I love you".

2) I earned a full scholarship to college for bowling.

3) I clean my house every Saturday.

4) I've lived in 10 different States.

5) I flashed a charter bus full of New York Mets.

6) I drive a Maserati.

7) I cook the BEST rack of lamb!!!

Here are the six Creative Bloggers I am passing this on to:
1) Lynn of Creative Crafts by Lynn
2) Belinda of Nordic Blogger
3) Andi of Andi's Happy Place
4) Harriet of Allycat Cards
5) Jackie of Kreate With Me2
6) Irena of Irena's Creations

So, tell me which ones you think are truths and lies! Thanks for playing along! I'll be back tomorrow with a cute Stamping Bella doggy card!!



Irena said...

Thanks so much for the award :)

jimlynn said...

Oh, thanks Maria........I'm STILL laughing at your list! I'm REALLY trying to determine if you were the one that flashed that bus!!!! LOL! Hey, I mean, a girl's gotta have fun, right!!!
I'll have to really think about this before I do it. Need to come up with some good truths/lies! LOL

Nordicblogger said...

Thanks for the nomination! I've done my best to pass on the award to more people, and create some facts/fiction for others to solve.

Ummmm...I'm going to guess that you didn't have a bowling scholarship. When do we get to find out the truth?

Cheryl said...

Oh boy! You gave me a good chuckle! I'm hoping you didn't flash the bus but then again we all have done some crazy things. I will guess the rack of lamb is your one truth. I can't wait to find out if I am right!

Harriet Skelly said...

Oh this cracked me up!! Thanks for the nomination!!
My vote is #7 is true!

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