Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prisma Pencil Chart

A while back ago on SCS's Prisma Pencil thread, one of the gals posted an excel spreadsheet of the prisma pencils to be colored in with corresponding colors. It was awesome!!  So, after using it for about 2 years, the time came for me to re-do mine and add the pencils I purchased and delete colors I never had. So that's what I did on Friday out on the patio.  It was all going SO PERFECTLY, until I realized I forgot to add Carmine Red! UGH!
But even with that - it's a GREAT chart!!  If you'd like one - send me an email and I'll send it to you! (Corrected of course -with Carmine Red in there!)
Have a great day!!


Cheryl said...

Oh I would love one! I have a chart but it is strictly by number and doesn't group the colors together. This one looks much better. Thank you for sharing!

shestamps11-blogs at yahoo dot com

Enjoy the rest of your week end!

Laura said...

I love this idea.I would love to use it but I don't have prisma pencils.Maybe I should make myself one for my pencils.

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