Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Card

While Cindy is away, I'm taking liberty to post the wedding card she made for John and Julie!!  She sent me a picture of it from her phone, so I'm using that picture to post here:
Cindy made a step card for John and Julie. She used the Stamping Bella wedding couple image we colored back in May when we took classes from Paula in Toronto!  Not sure if you can see it on the picture, but she added some sandpaper at the bride and groom's feet.  On the second step, she added a sunrise along with glittery stickers for the "10-10-10" date.

And on the first step, she used one of the Martha Stewart seashell border punch outs we had left over.  Some bling here and there and her beautiful card was complete!!!

Here are a few more shots from our weekend:
John and Julie had 'wedding tattoos' made up for the guests.  Here's an upclose one (NOT the rainbow/palm tree one - that one is a real tattoo)

Here are a few of us modeling them:
This is Pat, Carol, Steve, myself and Cindy posing for our 'hair sculptress'.
She 'sculpts' our hair and wanted a picture of the 5 of us together!!

And just a few more sunrise shots from the morning after the wedding before we left for home:

Thanks for stopping in today!
Maria (for Cindy)


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

What a great card, love the sandpaper, what a great idea so sand doesn't fall off the card. Love the little seashell border. All those tattoos what great idea and how cute (love the rainbow as well). You all look like you had the best time and isn't that what a wedding is all about.

jimlynn said...

Cindy's card is just awesome!!! So unique. I know the happy couple loved it. So pretty.
Love the tatoos! Cute idea.....

Anonymous said...

Love the card!! I also love how you incorporated the starfish/seashell border from their invitation into it the card. Beautiful!!!

Gina said...

Great card, I love stair step cards and rarely think to make them. I love your pictures of the ocean, very beautiful!

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