Thursday, October 28, 2010

The wrong direction card......

So.......this is the card that was going in the wrong direction.  If you didn't read by post two days ago, Gisela asked me to make a birthday card and this was my first attempt. Doubting myself, I sent a picture of it to her to ask if she liked how the card was coming out (and because I wanted her to be TOTALLY HONEST) - she said "No".  It wasn't a 'bad' card, just not her style. So, I ended up finishing it anyway and it will go into my 'stockpile'.
I saw on someone's blog (I'm terrible) - a cupcake similar to this. I loved how she used the CB swirl folder for the cupcake icing. So, I did the same thing. I used my scorer to make the bottom part of the cupcake.

So, not a terrible card, just not the card that Gisela wanted and I'm so happy that she feels comfortable enough to tell me the truth :)

Have a terrific day!

PS: Happy Birthday Wishes to Cheri!!!
PPS: I'm headed outta town I'll return the blog visits/comments when I return!!


Monica said...

Hey, this is a yummylicious card... just love the way you have made the cake and it's bottom.

Such smart and well coordinated colours as well.

GREAT CARD - simply love it!

xxx Monica

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Ohhh!!!! I like it lots. I love the swirls on the cupcake and did you also use swiss dots? Love it!

jimlynn said...

It's not terrible at all! I like it. Love how you did the top of that cupcake with the embossing folder.

Cheryl said...

I like it! The cupcake and embossing is really fun.

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