Friday, November 5, 2010


Such a lucky gal I am! Lots of nice blog birthday wishes, tons of Facebook wishes and dinner out with friends! I had a really great day, although pretty soggy.

I started out my birthday at the CT Humane Society and walked the shelter dogs with Cindy in the pouring rain. Now most people would of woken upon their birthday to the rain and just stayed in bed, but my addiction and dedication to the doggy's is just too strong (yup - I'm becoming the crazy dog lady more and more!!).

Cindy brought me beautiful calla lilies and Kim, one of the employees gave me beautiful star gazer lilies - both my favorites!!  Cindy also brought me a pumpkin coffee, scones and a pumpkin loaf - YUM!

Here's a picture of the flowers and Cindy's card she made me!

Here's a closer look at Cindy's card. It's a Penny Black stamp that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in TN at 50% off!! Yahooo!!!!!!!  I stamped a few out for Cindy the other night.  This gal sure is multi-tasking!
And I had to share this card that my neighbor (& friend) Tracy gave me!! LOL - it's most of the neighborhood dogs!  She cut out their heads and pasted them on.
From left to right is: Nolie, Layla, Gracie, Buddy, Buster, Lily and Max!
On the inside it says: The tribe has spoken

Tonight we're off to dinner and the celebration is over until a week when it's my hubby's birthday!!!



Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

What an awesome birthday!!! Those cards just give you the giggles, do they know you or what. UMMM Pumpkin Coffee, I remember I bought that all the time at Stop n Shop every year, we don't get that in Texas. Have a great weekend.

jimlynn said...

Flowers are beautiful.....
Cindy's card to you is just precious.....
The "tribe" really did speak!!!!!
Wonderful card that Cindy made....her coloring is so pretty.
The tribe.....darling idea. Made a perfect card.
Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

Cheryl said...

I'm happy you had a great birthday! What gorgeous flowers! Love the cards too!

Anonymous said...

Wow glad you had such a wonderful Birthday!! the flowers are beautiful!

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