Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TN Trip Review!!

So, I'm back in town as of Monday afternoon.  Three loads of laundry (not too bad), a hike at the park with the dogs and then dinner with 'THE' Paula Williamson and I'm back to 'some' blogging! I promise to get to all my comments by tomorrow evening!!!

So, first off...........Tennessee was a lot of fun! I flew into DC to meet up with my cousin Carl who lives there and we flew to Knoxville, TN to stay with his sister/my cousin, Leslie, who lives in Riceville, TN, an hour from Knoxville.  As I stated in my previous post, she usually gets 300 trick-or-treaters for Halloween........but more on that debacle later.

We had a really fun time together. One of the highlights was zip-lining in Ocoee, TN at the Cherokee National Forest.  Neither Carl or I had done it before, but we were both game. OMG - how much fun!!!! I really liked it!!!
Here are some shots:     Second time down the zip:
Third time down we went upside down!!! OMG - FUN...FUN....FUN!!!!
Unless you were Carl, and you had the death grip on!!!!!!!
Here's a shot of us on the rope bridge! I love this shot!!!

So, Carl may not be 'most' comfortable with zip-lining............but he's AWESOME in the kitchen!
Here are TWO of his creations from the trip.  Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Apple Crisp!! YUMMMMM!!!

We also carved pumpkins.......lots of pumpkins.
The first three were entered into a local community contest:
I carved the "ohm" on the left, Leslie carved the cat and Carl carved the scarecrow.
We didn't realize we had to leave the pumpkins there for Halloween, so we had to get more!
Here are Carl's second two:
My ghost and Leslie's scarecrow
Then I had to do one for Miss Beasley

Ok, so I'll wrap this up with the debacle!!!  So, because the south is quite focused on religion, there was some concern about Halloween falling on a Sunday....................so some people were going trick-or-treating on Saturday instead. My cousin Leslie felt that Halloween is on Sunday and that is when she was going to hand out treats.  We had the lights out on Saturday night and the neighborhood was CRAZY with kids trick-or-treating. But, we still didn't buckle.  We got up on Sunday morning and decorated the outside of her house, then took a trip to Chattanooga, then back to the house to prepare for trick-or -treaters...............and we got ZERO, ZILCH........NONE!!NO TRICK-OR-TREATERS on Halloween!!  What we DID get????............was our pumpkins STOLEN off the front porch!!!!!!!!!!!
So, we got TRICKED!!!!
But.............who cares.......we still had a very very very fun time!!!
Not sure if anyone made it through this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post - but if you did...Thanks!!!


Gina said...

Amazing pumpkins! Glad you had a great trip. My parents live about 15 minutes or so from the area where the zip line is, so I know that area very well. We were actually through there a couple of weekends ago, on our way to South Carolina.

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

I made it through your post and enjoyed every last word. Your pumpkins looked great and I am with Carl, death grip on the line (I am afraid of heights). You looked like you had a great time though. Wow that is strange no on on Halloween, we are in TX and we had about 250 kids. I am with you guys though trick or treating is on Halloween.

jimlynn said...

Goodness........this ALL looked like so much fun!!!! Know you had a good time..I'm not real sure I'd be brave enough to go upside down though! Great pumpkin carving...shame about the trick or treating situation......All the kiddos around here also did it on Saturday.

Harriet Skelly said...

I made it to the end - loved to hear about your trip! I agree about Halloween. We didn't have as many kids as we usually do this year - may have been due to the world series being on (live in SF area). I love all the carved pumpkins - especially the dog one - so cute!

Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins are amazing!
And those are great pictures, too! I think I would be a death gripper, like Carl!


Laura said...

Looks like you had alot of FUN!Very Nice pumpkin carving.I Did make it through the looooong post.TFS

Cheryl said...

Oh wow! This looks so fun although I would probably be more like Carl with a death grip on the line. What yummy treats and fabulous pumpkins. Fun, fun, fun

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