Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Invites!

Good Morning!!  Today I am posting some birthday invitations I made for a friend's son.  My friend Dawn sent me an email and said that her 7 year old son Matthew wanted to ask his birthday guests to bring donations for the CT Humane Society instead of birthday gifts for himself (awwwww!!!).  I was so touched by this, that I offered to make his birthday invitations.  As many of you blog followers know, I am a volunteer at the CT Humane Society and I'm pretty much addicted to going there.  So, it really was my pleasure to make up these invitations.

Of course it had to be an animal theme and after sending over a few 'demos' to Dawn and Matt, they approved the doggy in the food dish one. So, I pulled out my Cricut that sits in a bottom drawer (yikes) and loaded my paper pups cartridge to cut out some dog shapes.  Here are the styles of invites:
I used three different doggies with birthday hats and cut out the bowls and bone with my Sizzix dies.  I stamped an Inkadinkado sentiment on the bone and a Friskars pawprint on the bowl. And, since the background was pretty boring, I embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.

For one of the inside panels, I printed up Matthew's wishes for donations instead of gifts.  I have a TON of animal stickers, so I added some to the left and right of the message.

Again, using the computer, I typed up the party info and added a few more stickers.

I was really touched that a 7-year old would think of donating instead of gifts. What a wonderful young man, but his parents are really great too - so it doesn't surprise me TOO much!!!  I told them I would meet them at the shelter when they were going to bring up all the donations!  I know the dogs and cats and rabbits will be so happy!!!

Staying on the dog-theme...........if you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember THIS post from September 2010 about my favorite dog Taz being adopted from the CT Humane Society.  Sadly, Taz was returned to the shelter in November by the sister of the adopter, because she felt the adopter wasn't doing right by Taz.  So, he came back to the shelter and we were all very sad, but happy to have him back if he wasn't being taken care of as he should of been.  I didn't post anything about him being returned.

But....after months being back at the shelter.....Taz's day came again on Saturday, when he was re-adopted!!  Now, as happy as I am....I'm a bit cautious to get OVERLY excited....until we (hopefully) get some positive updates from the adopter.  He was loved by so many at the shelter and I know we all hope his new mom will see the special boy that he is and love him forever. Here are some pictures of Taz!

He was the best model at Christmas-time. He let us take so many pictures of him!

 He's thinking: "Seriously, I'm back at the shelter again?"
 "I can't wait until I have a yard to lounge around in"
 I know Maria loves me so much! I'm a lucky dog, even if I'm at the shelter!
But I pray he's doing really well at his new home and I really really really hope we get some updates on him!
Not sure how many of you made it all the way to the end of this post!

Thanks for your visit!


Monica said...

Such a lovely post, Maria... you are such a kind soul! Bless your heart!

Taz is so adorable and I love his pics. A perfect model, he is. Am happy that he has found a new home. This time it should work, I am sure.



And your invites are simply too good. So very cute and appropriate... this little 7 year old is special to say the least. What a kind heart he must possess?

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

What an awesome birthday invite!! I just love it and so perfect for a wonderful little boy, who thinks about the animals before himself. I pulled my Cricut out as well, to use it more on my cards. Love the story about Taz and so happy he has found another home, I always want to adopt them all :).

jimlynn said...

Great "invites" and that is just one special little boy to do this!!! Can't think of much of anything nicer.
So glad Taz has found a new home and hopefully it'll be a good one for him. Dearly ADORE that last photo of you and him! That's a "framer" for sure.

Meg said...

Holy cow, what a sweet kid! Your invites are sure to be loved by him!

I'm glad Mr Taz found a forever home--I hope he gets treated like royalty there!

Alissa said...

You did (do) such a great job Maria. Not just with the cards, but with the dogs in general. It really is something. I do love how dogs that get dressed up for pictures always have that "I look so stupid" expression on their face. It's priceless. :)

Anne Marie said...

Hi Maria, I found your blog from Kathy (and Lucky) and also from Cheryl. I'm so happy I did! Your post is great. Such adorable invitations and how touching that a 7-year old want's to share his b'day celebration with the animals. That makes me smile. :) All, but one, of my fur-babies are adopted from the Humane Society (the most recent addition was found "dumped" in our neighborhood) and I am very passionate about everything the organization does. I'm now following your blog and cant wait to read more! How exciting for Taz! He's a sweet little guy! :)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh Maria, what an amazing 7 year old and your invitations are adorable!!!! Taz looks so sweet! Hope he finds the owners he deserves!!! Thanks again for stopping in and leaving such a sweet comment, and yes, I'd have to agree she probably IS the only happy one! LOL

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