Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wow - a card!!!

Well hello!!!  Can you believe it? I'm actually posting a card!!!  I'm stunned myself!  I have done some actual crafting the past few weeks, but getting anything blogged is a whole different thing.  But, as I'm waiting to head out to dinner tonight (Friday) - I decided to try and write this up!

Look closely at the card.......what do you see???  Sewing!!!!  Yup - my first official sewed card!  I figured I'd go with the swerve-y look because sewing straight is going take a bit more practice!!

This is a card I made for my Aunt Vickie. Her birthday came and went while I was in I thought a 'turtle' theme would be good, since it got to her a little late.  Isn't that DeNami turtle adorable?
Well, as I said, we are headed out for Indian food (YUMMY!!) that's it for this post :)

Hopefully this weekend I can get a few more posts done....I've got a list of cards I've made that need to get on the blog.........

Hope you have a GREAT Saturday!!!

PS: Jim - get out of bed!!!!!!!!

PSS: Just came back from dinner WITH Aunt Vickie and she said she never received my card :( it is Aunt Vickie. Sorry!!

Thanks for your visit!


Monica said...

Welcome back... I thought you had disappeared or gone underground! Lol!

This card is so cute... congrats on creating your first sewing card. I love that cute turtle.

xxx Monica

Kathy and Lucky said...

This is a great card, love the turtle theme, that's what I need sometimes. Sewing, that will be my thing next year (resolution). That's too bad it didn't make it that is always my fear. Yum, indian food, love it, my family not so much :( of course I eat almost anything.

jimlynn said...

WhooHoo!!!!!!! Sewing!! I'm so impressed and LOVE IT! Cute, cute card Maria and I really do like the sewing. Let's see some more now!

Meg said...

Woohoo, glad to see you back in action, Maria! So sad that this card got lost in the postal system, because it is adorable! Love the green polka dots to accent Mr Turtle, and the sewing looks great! Watch out--you'll become addicted and want to sew on everything. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally... my shout out!

Harriet Skelly said...

Cool - your sewing is great! I love that turtle and the polka dotted paper!

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, what a bummer your aunt never got her card, cause it sure is cute! Way to go on your very first stitching! LOVE stitching. And that turtle is just adorable. Love the buttons at the bottom, too.

Cheryl said...

I am so happy you are back!

I love the sewing! I totally know what you mean about sewing straight. I still haven't mastered but I have learned a few tricks that help.

I love the polka dot paper and the cute little turtle. Very sweet!

Anne Marie said...

Whoo hoo for your sewing skills on the card. That little turtle is just the cutest! That stinks that your Aunt never received the card though. :(

Happy you are back in blog-land, my friend! Have a great day! Hugs!

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