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Hello!!!!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend!!!  We sure had a terrific one!  We spent the entire week on the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos!!!!  We were surely thankful of that!!!

So......this post will be a bit of a vacation re-cap.   It will be a long post - so if you don't want to invest the time.......I suggest scrolling down and just get to the 'doggy' part because it's REALLY good!!!!

This is definitely when I WISH I knew more about my camera and could REALLY capture the true 'picture'.  There are a mix of my digital camera shots and my cell phone shots, so quality of the pictures will vary. is our view from our room.  We had  a three bedroom suite and this great patio where we ate breakfast and hung out:

This is the view from the lobby and in front of the pool.  SO BEAUTIFUL in real life because the water is just a tremendous blue!!

This is the view beyond the arches of the shot above and leads you to the beautiful water

And finally - AT the water!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We did a lot of laying around and eating..........but we also exercised - most days at 7am - if you can believe it!!!!  For some ODD reason, I could not sleep past 6:45am (which really stinks) - although I'm sure this Monday morning I'd be able to sleep until about 10am!

Thank goodness for technology!  We had our respective iPads, iPods, Kindles, Blackberries, iPhones in order to stay up on 'everything'

The area we stayed is up and coming for shopping - so we went to some shops and we kept passing this one store that had this big blond I had to go in and try it on!!   Is it me??

Our friends Jim and Nick left early to celebrate Thanksgiving in Long Island

Jill, Cindy, Frank and I did the whole Pilgrim and Indian thing for Thanksgiving....and by that I mean we ate "Indian" food and it was YUMMY!!!!!  Don't we look happy??

Now...........what would a trip be with no dogs?  We wouldn't know!!  This is when our vacation turned into a rescue of sorts!  As with most places in the Carribean, there are stray dogs.  Stray dogs in T&C are called "Potcakes" and there is a rescue group called "Potcake Place", that rescues these dogs and provides spay/neuter.  Additionally, they try and adopt out their dogs to the States and Canada.  While people visit the island, they can take the Potcakes out to the beach and spend time with them, adopt a Potcake and/or agree to be a courier in order for the Potcake to meet their adoptive family at the airport.

This is what we decided to do!  Luckily, the Potcake Place was right across from our hotel, so we went in to chat with them and offer to bring a dog or two back with us to JFK if there were homes waiting for them in CT/NY/NJ.  We also took two siblings out to the beach to hang out.

Since Jim is allergic to dogs....we affectionately named them Benedryl and Allegra

Here's Cindy with Benedryl

Another lady, Robin, at our hotel took Charlie out daily.  Isn't he adorable?

Well, the best news is........Charlie had an adoptive home waiting for him in PA.  So we agreed to transport him with us on our flight home to JFK airport!  Additionally - "Allegra" got adopted by people who were visiting the island and she went home to live in Charlotte, NC!

So, the Potcake peeps met us at the airport and took care of all the paperwork and fees.  They gave us Charlie right before we went through security.  

We put him in his carrier and he hung out at my feet during the flight.  Thankfully the people I was sitting next to were dog-friendly, so mid-flight I put the carrier on my lap and he was able to chill out with his head out of the carrier.

When we landed, we went through Immigration and Customs........and then.........
Charlie met his new Mom & Dad!!!

They were actually from Philly, so they drove up to JFK to meet us and pick Charlie up!  It was so exciting to hand him over to them!!  He's a lucky boy!

So, our Thanksgiving trip took on a whole different focus and we were so thrilled to help out!!!

If you ever visit Turks and Caicos - you could offer to be a courier or maybe you'll fall in love with these special dogs and adopt yourself!!!  Take a look at their site: Potcake Place   They exist on donations alone, so if you're willing to make a donation (monetary or supplies) - I'm sure they'll appreciate it!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as fulfilling as ours was!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Kathy and Lucky said...

WOW!!!!! Your pics are wonderful, looks and sounds like you had an awesome time. Like the wig :) How wonderful that you were able to hang out with the puppies and actually bring them to their homes, it is so nice and just meant to be. Thanks so much for sharing I loved reading every word and looking at every picture.

Olga said...

now yall know how to celebrate!!!!! Love the pictures, what a beautiful place!!!! Love the fact you found doggies and helped out hehe, only you!!!

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing such pretty, funny and touching pics of your exotic vacation.

The beach looks divine and you look so funny with that wig. What a golden heart to get Charlie to his new parents. Seems like he is made for them.

xxx Monica

jimlynn said...

Ok, what can I say here.........the photos of the beach look like they came out of a magazine! So pretty and I know it was just awesome!
The pups....what a wonderful thing and they're all just so very cute! Glad you could bring that one back and he's already at a good home now! How very special.
Last but not least.....the WIG!!!! OMG, I thought I'd just die laughing. I've always said I'd like to be a blond - but THAT blond I'm not sure of!!!LOL!
So glad y'all had such a wonderful time.

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place! I'm so thrilled for you that you had such a wonderful vacation. Love the photos! And love the happy dog stories! I know that has to make you feel fabulous to have been able to help out like that! :)

Cindy said...

What a wonderful story!! Those are sure 2 Lucky doggies, thanks to you and your husband and friends!! I was on a cruise in 2007 and we went to Turks & Caicos for a day. It was soooo beautiful!!! I would love to go back there!!! Glad you have a great time!!!

Anne Marie said...

Before I get to the pups, I have to comment on that fabuous WIG photo! I seriously laughed out lous at that photo. I personally think you ROCKED it in a disco-diva sort of way. ;)

What an awesome story about Potcake Place! This sounds like a wonderful organization and how awesome that you were able to help Charlie get home to his new family. What a heartwarming story. I'm off to check out their site right now! Glad you had a fun vacation, Maria. What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving! Hugs! :)

Cheryl said...

The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a wonderful vacation.

I'm so happy for the pups that found homes. :)

Meg said...

Ok, not only did you have a beach vacation in the middle of winter, but it also involved a dog rescue?!?!


That ocean looks soooooooo nice!

I think you should definitely go big and go blond at your next hair appointment. :)

(also are Jim and Nick related to
Jim 'n Nick?)

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