Saturday, January 14, 2012


Nothing crafty today........another doggy post if you can stand it!  Today is another bittersweet day in the life of we hand off Taz to Forever Home Sanctuary in North Carolina for some rehabilitation work.     The girls at Forever Home have done a wonderful job working with Haylee - the dog we sent down there in the summer and I knew they'd be perfect to help Taz rehab through some of the issues that have come up since living with us.

Yesterday, Patty - another shelter volunteer and I drove to Virginia from CT with Taz and stayed overnight. We're scheduled to meet FHS at 11am today at a dog park in Alexandria (they were kind enough to drive 3 hrs to meet us).

I know he'll do wonderful down there and I think he and Haylee will soon be BFF's and enjoy roughhousing together.  Lily, Nolie and Buddy will enjoy having some peace in the house again.  And my poor Lily is starting to fail, so I'll turn my full attention to her for the time we have left together.

Forever Home Sanctuary recently received their 501(c) status - so if you were ever interested in donating to a great cause - I recommend them!!!  OR............if you're looking to add a four legged friend to your family - check out the great dogs they have up for adoption!   Taz will be up for adoption in a few months too!!!

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Cindy said...

Maria, what wonderful things you do!! I'm sure Taz will love his new home!! Sorry to hear about Lily. I love your 4 legged posts!!

jimlynn said...

I know Taz will do just great there! And poor heart goes out to you. I already know you'll be giving her all the love you can right now.

Audrey Pettit said...

((hugs)) to you, Maria!

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