Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anniversary Wishes and a Birthday Card

Today is my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!  Horray!!!!!!!!!  We'll be getting together later tonight for a celebration!

Here they are 50 year's ago:

and here they are last November at my birthday - how cute!!
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to put together a QUICK QUICK card last week for our friend's birthday:
I had this paper set and matching flowers for a bit and wanted to put them to use!  I embossed a PTI sentiment (boy - my anti-static thing isn't working, huh?) and added the flowers. I like how it came out -except for the stray powder!

Well - off to the dogs!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully I can get back to crafting and posting this week!!!!!!   But I do have a post set up for tomorrow - so come on back :)

Thanks for your visit!


Amanda R said...

Congrats to your parents! I am always amazed when people are able to reach that milestone, it says a lot for them and your parents look very happy. Love the gray with the pop of yellow on your card and I ALWAYS seem to have stray powder somewhere, anti static bag or not!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful card! I love the trendy color palette you used. The flowers are gorgeous. The houndstooth corner accent is really cool.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents Maria! Wow - 50 years!!

The colors in the flowers and patterned paper are lovely. Love your "recipe" for this card!

Monica said...

How sweet is that wedding picture and how charming are they now... May their have their whole lives together. So happy to see happy couples together. And see what gems they have produced...
Your card is quick but very effective. Love the colour combo.

jimlynn said...

Congrats to your mom and dad Maria!!! Fantastic and hope y'all have fun tonight!

VERY pretty card and love the flowers as they match the paper just perfect!


Olga said...

well congrats to the very handsome couple!!!! Not many stay together 50 years anymore..... Cute card too!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Huge congratulations to your parents! 50 years is an amazing milestone. My parents just celebrated their 51st anniversary last December. :)
Adorable card! I love the color combo and love the diagonal striped paper. Yellow and gray are so fabulous together!

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