Friday, September 21, 2012

FTL208 - Happy Birthday

To post...........or not to post.................I'm posting...........even though I'm not thrilled with this card.

I followed the Clean and Simple Sketch FTL208 - which was a great layout.........but I really don't like the stamp set I used.

I needed a quick card for my nephew and ya know what.......I knew it would end up in the trash - so I really didn't invest a TON of time in it ( you can tell, can't you?).

I'll probably try this sketch again in the future - when I can put more time and pride into it.  I might of been better off just buying a card (SHRIEK!!)

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

And.........I LOVE LOVE LOVE the card I'm going to post on Sunday - so be sure to come back!

Thanks for your visit!


Elizabeth Allan said...

I think this monochromatic theme is perfect for a nephew! Happy Friday Maria!

Monica said...

Maria this card is FAB... so clean and simple. But I know how you feel if someone is not going to cherish your handmade card... anyway you have done a GREAT job. Super card, honestly.

Audrey Pettit said...

No, it's much better to give a handmade card than a store bought one, Maria! I think this is a great guy card! Clean lined and graphic without girly frills. I really like the color combo and the circular stamp image. The twine wrap around the sentiment strip is great, too. :)

jimlynn said...

I think it's great and I do like the sentiment stamp too. Really like the yarn on here - and colors.
Know what you mean about them throwing them in the trash....I'm pretty sure all of the ones I send end up the same place - Oh well.....

Olga said...

you aced this one, it's a fantastic gorgeous winner!!

Karen B. said...

Why do guys do that? You spend time on a creation and they just toss it, the boys in my family do so as well. With that being said, I truly think you've got a cool card here. I love that color combination and the detail that you put into the sentiment strip.

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