Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hiya! Did you forget about me?  I've kinda been enjoying this little unintended blog break!  I've been a bit busy since coming back from Miami.  I haven't crafted much either.  I made a quick card for a friend yesterday but didn't click a picture.

I thought I'd pop in show you a bit of what I've been up to! (this is gonna be a bit long)

First up are some gorgeous shots I took on the flight back from Miami. I thought the sky was so beautiful!

Those were all taken just before we hit a terrible turbulent and I honestly thought the plane was going down! Yikes!

Then on Monday - I 'Stepped (& wobbled) Out Of My Comfort Zone" BIG TIME!!!!!!!  Friends of ours were hosting a hair show.  So........I offered up my head of hair if they wanted/needed more people to get their hair cut on stage. Boy - I did NOT know what I was in for!  They are a pretty LARGE company - but I didn't realize how top notch these hair shows are!

When I got to the hotel where it was being hosted - my friend led me into the styling/dressing/makeup area. WHAT? (I'll try to keep this brief).........but Holy Crap!

First up was to find an 'outfit' - who knew?  The first dress was TOO short (can you say cellulite city?). Then next one didn't get over my hips (I'm not 'model' size). Finally - the third one was a jumpsuit that had a lotta 'give'.  I shimmied into that but it didn't quite cover the 'girls' - so I left my bra on and hoped the guy liked the look enough. (otherwise there was going to me more than just hair being shown on stage!).

He decided he liked it...........then to shoes.  Not shoes........"F-me Pumps"!  LOL.  One size too small and about 3" too tall!

From there I hobbled over to make up and they told me after my cut on stage - I'd walk the runway.  WHAT?????  Walk in THOSE? Down a runway? With over 200 people watching?? GULP!  I got myself all worked up because I assumed the runway ran the length of the room so all the attendees could see the 'hair'.    I was frantically texting Frank and Cindy asking them how I was ever going to do this!

Finally - it was showtime. I didn't realize I was in the 'rapid fire' portion of the show.  Me and two other gals marched out on stage and my guy, Jose, using a clipper only - cut my hair in under 5 minutes. Then the walk.............THANKFULLY the 'runway' was a whopping 5' long!   Frank took a video! (It's quick - look close)
(to watch video - you have to go to my blog by clicking on title at top of post)

Funny huh??  After that time was done. I kicked outta those shoes and got back in my regular clothes!

Here are two shots of my 'outfit'. Notice that I made a fantastic bra choice that morning!!

What an experience!!!

Not sure if you stuck with this whole blog post or not! If so - thanks!!!   I might be able to post again on Sunday......and I'm still trying to get to some of your blog posts!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Olga said...

this was fantaastic!!! Yep, I read every word, I could NOT have walked in those shoes so now you are my hero! LOL ps, I loved the shots from the plane too!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

My gosh, I think I would have passed out over that experience! Va va va voom........but are you ever one hot mama! I think just the bra reveal is VERY telling, my friend! ;) You look amazing!

Lynn McAuley said...

You rocked it on that runway girl!! Love the hair and the glam outfit!! But I am most impressed with how you moved in those shoes!! Awesome, Maria!! What a fun and memorable event!

jimlynn said...

LOL!!! This just had to be so much fun! Your outfit is stunning - or maybe it's just you looking stunning in the outfit! The shoes........YIKES!!!! I would have been flat on my face and you looked like you were walking just fine in them! Goodness! Now go grab some flip flops!!! LOL!
Great photos of those clouds too!

Amanda R said...

Beautiful photos Maria and you looked stunning in the outfit! Kudos for you for walking in those heels. I would have had my arms out to the side to balance myself!

Cheryl said...

You go girl! You totally rocked it!

Kathy and Lucky said...

You look amazing, you should never doubt yourself, awesome!!! The cloud shots were beautiful.

Elizabeth Allan said...

What a great adventure!

Marlena M. said...

Oh. My. Word. You had me laughing out loud. You look beautiful, Maria~thanks for sharing the video and story!

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