Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey friends!

The madness is almost over!  Our Craft & Tag Sale for Pups has been extended to Sunday as well!

We've been so fortunate to receive GREAT donated items to put up for sale and we've got a few craft vendors coming as well!

Thank you so much to my fellow blog friends who sent cards, art pieces, stamps, other crafty tools and money.  How generous you were and us Crazy Shelter Ladies SINCERELY appreciate it!!

Here's our updated flyer:

Weather-wise, we should be good!  Forecast went from 70% chance of rain to we're thrilled about that!!!!!

I will share some pictures and updates on the sale 'probably' Sunday!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Monica said...

Been missing you so much, Maria. This fier looks great and I wish you lots of luck with the sale. I am sure your hard work right from your heart will pay off.
Good luck,
Monica xxx

Olga said...

have fun............

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