Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Watermelon!

Happy Saturday!  Hoping you all had a fun 4th of July!  We spent the afternoon at our friend's house for a BBQ and old fashioned games for the kids (and adults).  We had an egg toss, sack race, pie eating contest, bobbing for apples.  Most games were for the kids, but yours truly (and her teammate Amy) won the egg toss!

I wanted to show you the watermelon I carved and brought over to the BBQ.   I found the idea HERE and although it isn't quite up to my anal-retentive standards (I ran out of carving time) - it still ended up 'pretty' good:

I might have to re-try this again next year with more planning.  I really like the original melon on the link above. She's got a lot more stars and cut out the center 'stripe' so you can see the red of the watermelon.

If you don't remember the melon I carved last year - here it is again:

Have a great Saturday!!!!!!

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Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, you are amazing, Maria! A woman of many, many talents! I have never even attempted to carve a watermelon........I think that's waaaaay out of my league!

jimlynn said...

Now if this doesn't look tasty, nothing does!!! Great job on your carving too! FUN!

Lynn McAuley said...

It's awesome!! I love it! I'm sure it was a big hit at the party!!

Amanda R said...

You are just like, multi talented! Awesome looking watermelons and congrats on the egg toss! Loved the orange toenails you posted the other day btw!

Olga said...

how neat, sorry I have been missing, had a bad flare up witht he RA and couldn't type, 4 shots later and still can't hold a pen LOL

Jen W. said...

Your watermelon carvings rock! I especially love the cannibal fish eating the Swedish fish! LOL!

Monica said...

Wow, so you are a fruit carver too... How talented is that. I like the first one more than the second.

Monica said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

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