Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The beginning of the end.........

So..........I think I'm going to give up the blog for a bit.  There are a couple of reasons to do so and I'm not finding the time and energy to do it much anymore........so......I think at the end of the week Crafty Cre8tions blog will go dark for a bit.  I might pop in here and there (and I'll still be creating) but my postings and blog visits will be dropping off.

I think I'll probably post some pictures on my Crafty Cre8tions Facebook page because it will be easier and faster - so if you're on FB and want to 'like' the page.........feel free!

These last few posts will be super quick too:

Here's a card I made for Cindy's birthday two week's ago:

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Amanda R said...

Well, that wasn't the way I wanted to start my morning but I totally understand. I hope you accomplish whatever is on your plate at the moment!

Audrey Pettit said...

Adorable card, Maria! That image is so perfect for you and your bestie. Love the coloring and love the bright colors. the embossed background is fabulous, too.
I totally understand your wanting to focus on other things besides your blog right now. Life does get busy. Really going to miss you, but I'm glad you are following your heart! Hugs to you!

jimlynn said...

I just e=mailed you so you already know how sad I am.........
But did want to tell you I think your card for Cindy is so cute. Can't think of a better image to use for your best friend!
Super hugs!

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