Sunday, February 23, 2014

ANOTHER Craft & Tag Sale!!!!!!!!!

Hello! Anybody out there??????

I know I don't post much to my blog anymore (for the time being) - but if I have any followers still there - I'd like you to take a second to read about our Crazy Shelter Ladies Craft and Tag Sale!

For the 3rd year - our small little group of ladies will be raising money to help needy animals.  Last year - some of my AWESOME FABULOUS WONDERFUL bloggy friends donated cards and crafty 'stuff' to be sold at our Sale.  You can't believe how well we did with your donated creations!

So - I'm posting today to once again - see if anyone would like to donate their finished cards or other crafty items to be sold.  EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR WE COLLECT GOES TO ANIMALS!

Here's our first flyer:

Last year with all the donated cards I received - I created card packs of 20 cards each that were a HUGE hit! So - I'm hoping to repeat that again this year.  If you have cards & envelopes (I don't need the card sleeves) - send me an email at dog_gone_crafts @ yahoo. com and I'll send you the full address.  Any other 'sellable' craft items you'd like to donate are so very much welcome too!!!

Feel free to share this information with your other crafty friends too!  Are you local to CT?  Do you want to have a craft table at our sale?  Let me know that too!

If you LIKE my Facebook page - you can get info there too:

Thank you SO MUCH for your consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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