Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft Fair Photos

Bookcase of Snowman Soup, Pencil Tins, Hershey Buckets and Felt Bags with Hershey Kisses:
Husband Survival Pack


Photo Holders:
Post It Notes w/ Pens:

Hogs & Kisses Buckets and Snowman Tic-Tacs:

Covered Notepads w/ Calendars and Shopping Lists:

Nugget Tins:

Whisks, Wine Vests & Wine Bags:
Wine Tags, Tea Bag Holders, Coffee Holders & Gift Card Holders:

Snowman Poop, Rudolph Spares and Tooth Fairy Tins:

Christmas Ornaments and Felt Bags:

Felt Stockings with Peppermint Patties

Side view of table:

Thanks for visiting!!! And......if you were one of the great people who purchased from us today...THANK YOU!!!!


Beth Jacobs said...

great stuff... did you sell a lot?

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Congratulations girls!!!! All your goodies look so darn cute:)

I love those stockings!!!!!!!!

Christel Mellinger said...

Wow, Maria and Cindy, your stuff looks great! I would have definitely bought stuff from you had I been there.

Gina said...

WOW, your display looks amazing, I love the way everything looks. Your projects look look great.

~Michelle~ said...

lovely display! Hope you sold lots!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...appreciate your comments! :)

Jackie said...

Holy Moly Maria! Your setup looks awesome & I hope it was successful for you! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics!!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

THUD! now pickin myself up and looking again! Ladies, I have done a ton of craft shows over the years and your table is absolutely one of THE best I've seen!!!! you have it all and plenty of it...awesome! I am so hoping with this economy that you all did wonderfully!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. Your booth at the fair is amazing... what a great prestation of all your goodies.

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