Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was duped.............

Yes, I was duped last night....by my hubby and the softball coaches of Sacred Heart University! I attended SHU from 1989-1993 on a volleyball and softball scholarship. I have fortunately become friends with my former coaches and we've stayed quite close. Last year, one of the coaches was going through treatment for breast cancer and I was asked if I would travel down to Florida with the team to help out with their spring training season. I had recently left my job and had some time on my hands, so I said that I would help them. I was able to volunteer with last year's team quite a bit and even got to celebrate their championship in the NEC and travel to SHU's first Division 1 NCAA tournament. This year I traveled to FL again, but haven't able to dedicate as much time to the team as last year. I was asked to attend tonight's Senior Award Banquet for the school - but that's where the "dupe" comes in!

I was actually honored for the "Distinguished Alumni Award" for the volunteering I did with the team. I was totally surprised and shocked. I have a wonderful husband who's a huge support to both me, and all of the "causes" that are close to my heart.

Here are some pictures from tonight (they are not high quality because they were taken with a cell phone)

Above are the SHU Co-Head coaches Elizabeth "Bippy" Luckie, Pam London, myself and pitching coach, Vickie White.

On the left is junior center fielder Taylor Froelich and on right is junior pitcher, Jen Russell - both outstanding athletes.

And this is Adrian Fitzsimon - senior left fielder who clocked two homeruns on Sunday and another terrific athlete!!

Well, it was a nice night with a big surprise - so just wanted to say Thanks!



Irena said...


jimlynn said...

Maria, this is just wonderful! I knew all along you were a very special person. Congratualtions!!!

Cheryl said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!

Leslie R. said...

Not surprised. You deserve it!
Congratulations Cavo!

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