Saturday, July 9, 2011

Haylee's Trip to North Carolina.....

It's late on Friday night, but I wanted to write a post about Haylee's trip to Forever Home Sanctuary in Knotts Island, NC.  This will be picture and story be warned.

Just a quick back story:
If you are not a regular follower or visitor to my blog, Haylee is a dog who was surrendered to CT Humane back in October 2010, I believe. She was a victim of domestic violence and once the women decided to leave her abuser, she did not want to leave Haylee there.  We are thankful of her decision.  Haylee was doing quite well at the shelter, but the environment was not conducive for a dog like her. Not enough stimulation and not enough exercise.  She took on behaviors that are not fit for a 'regular' adoptive home.

So, we got Haylee out of the shelter and we brought her to a sanctuary. We felt it wouldn't fit her needs and didn't leave here there. She couldn't go back to shelter, so a co-volunteer Patty & her husband Doug, took her to their home. A CT Humane friend found the place in NC and we contacted them to see if they'd accept her and they said yes!  We planned a trip down, but in the meantime, a potential adopter in NJ came to us.  We tried an interaction, but his 14 year old bull terrier was just too fragile for Haylee. So we once again approached NC and they said yes again.  Patty and Doug had to say a tearful goodbye to their favorite bully after taking such wonderful care of her!!

This Wednesday, Gretchen, Haylee and I started the 7 hour drive to Chesapeake, VA where we would stay the night before going to sanctuary on Thursday.   Here are some photos (mind you, they were taking on my cell phone, so don't mind the quality)

Haylee tethered in the car:

And this is why.......making her way onto Gretchen's lap....

Then making her way onto mine!!!

Finally, she settled in the middle

We checked into the hotel.  OOPS!  We called her a 49 lbs black lab/terrier mix!!

And, we only let her break 'some' of the rules!!

But, she had to nuzzle on Gretchen's ear a little!! 
(You can't see her, but she's giving Gretchen a 'wet willy' !!

Thankfully, there was a local park where dogs were welcome.  
So we took some laps....

 and lapped some water!

We were lucky enough to leave the park right before a HUGE rainstorm!
We had to sit in the car for 10 minutes outside Chipotle before we could go get dinner

And, as we were driving back....we saw a beautiful rainbow and we prayed that Haylee's pot of gold was waiting for her in Knotts Island, NC

Thursday morning we woke up and went right to the park again for more exercise.  Then, as a 'ode' to my husband, we went to Waffle House, across the street from our hotel.

And wouldn't you know it??  Because I despise Waffle IS a HAIR...under my Waffle!!!

After, almost puking about the hair...checked out of hotel and made our way to Knotts Island. But before we got there, we stopped at a great park in Virginia Beach for a final walk around more dip in the water.

We arrived at noon on Thursday and spent about 2 1/2 hours with the two girls that run the sanctuary.

Where they live borders a wildlife refuge, so they are able to use the swamp area for the dogs. Yes....VERY MUDDY.......but the dogs don't care. They were SOOOOO happy.

But, with a heavy heart and tears, we had to say goodbye to our girl Haylee and pray she can learn better behaviors down there in order to be given a chance at an adoptive home.  We headed out and drove until Salisbury, MD and had to stop for dinner and toast our 4-legged friend.

We love you Haylee!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Kathy and Lucky said...

Oh my goodness, just a few tears at the good bye, she seems like a happy little puppy. Love the pictures of your adventure, seems like you all had great fun :) Looks like Haylee is going to have great fun at her new home playing in the mud with her new doggie friends. Great job and thank you for taking care of God's creatures. Have a relaxing weekend, you deserve it.

Anne Marie said...

Hooray! I have happy tears after reading your post! (Well,, all except for that hair at Waffle House...soooo gross!) I am so glad that Haylee made it to her new home. I'm sure she is going to be very happy there. Those dogs look like they are having a blast in that water. Thank goodness for everything you did to get her there, too. She is one very lucky and adorable) pup! Big hugs! :)

jimlynn said...

Wonderful pics Maria....and it looks like you two ladies had a marvelous time!!! How fun! Hayley look like she was having a good time too. I do hope this works out for her and will keep my fingers crossed. She's really a cute little dog!

Gretchen said...

Maria this was a great experience for both of us and I really enjoyed the trip with you and especially enjoyed the time we had with Haylee,but the hair on the plate kind of ruins the spirit of this story!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap, and the positive energy, and the love and the ride, and especially for caring as much about our bully girl as anyone ever could. our paths crossed for only a short time and not necessarily for the last time. thanks aunt Maria and Aunt Gretchen. WE LOVE YOU HAYLEE!
P, D, R & R

Naturally Me Creations said...

I love all your photos!
Well, except the hair on the waffel one, hehe.
Looks like a fun trip.

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, you've been so amazing with Haylee, Maria! I pray that she gets the good life that she deserves. :)

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