Friday, July 8, 2011

More Sympathy.......

Yikes.........we've had a rough go of it lately.  I've had to make more sympathy cards than I've ever wanted to.  I didn't even take a picture of the card I made for Cindy......but this is the card I sent to her brother.

Yes, I know a flower isn't TOO manly.......but I think it can still work for a sympathy card....right?  I started with this DeNami circle sympathy stamp and then chose an Inkadinkado flower for the center.  I felt I made it manly by using a PTI embossing plate.  Yes?  No?    :)

I 'should' be coming back from North Carolina today - so I'll get my blog visits done over the weekend!!

Thanks for your visit!


Kathy and Lucky said...

I say it is perfect for a manly card, I really didn't notice it as a flower until you told me. I like, CAS and the embossing is perfect. So sorry you have to make so many sympathy cards, you really have had to make quite a few. Safe travels.

jimlynn said...

Very manly - flower and all! I'm just so sorry you're having to make so many of this type of card.

Cheryl said...

Sorry you have had such a bad run lately.

I think your sympathy card is perfect. Lovely colors with a nice, clean design. The flower is fine for a male (in my opinion).

Safe travels!

Meg said...

I think it is a perfect sympathy card for a man or a woman. The impression plate really makes it look nice.

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough week. :(

Audrey Pettit said...

So sorry you've been needing the sympathy cards lately, Maria. That is such a tough time, and creating the perfect card can be challenging. I think you've done a lovely job on this one. The colors are masculine, and the embossing adds a nice touch. Love that sympathy stamp, and I think the simple flower suits wonderfully.

Anne Marie said...

I think it is a beautiful sympathy card for either a man or a woman. The embossing is such a simple touch that adds so much to the card too. Very nice! :)

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