Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonderful Event!

No crafty post today because I was at our charity golf tournament and celebration dinner all day yesterday. We were blessed with GORGEOUS weather for golfing and a tremendous amount of support at our dinner for the two families who benefited from this year's event. We also awarded the Allyson Rioux Scholarship Award to this year's recipient, who in turn, gave the scholarship money back to the Foundation, as she was given a full-scholarship to St. John's University and NCAA rules do not allow her to accept other scholarships. She made a beautiful speech and we are honored to call her an "Allyson Rioux Award Winner".

I have to take this time to say THANK YOU to some of the volunteers who gave their time today:

Tina Klein and Christine Grasso, who worked the golf event and sold LOTS of raffle tickets for us. Tina stayed for the Dinner and was so helpful with check-in and more raffle ticket sales. You gals are the BEST!!!

Gisela Bucher, one of my co-volunteers at CT Humane Society, volunteered to work the celebration dinner and was a HUGE help with check-in and raffle sales. I was so touched and honored that she gave of her time to our event. THANK YOU my friend!

Christine Meek, my next-door-neighbor and friend, who helped us with our dinner set-up and came back early to help with check in! She and her husband were both large sponsors to our event and donors of a few raffle prizes. You guys ROCK!

And of course, my mom, Lois - who spent two days with me in my craft room, making our raffle prizes look gorgeous! She came and helped with the set up for the dinner event as well and really helped us pull it all together! Thanks Mom and I love you!

Lastly, my hubby - who is the world's best hubby! So generous and thoughtful! Love ya babe!

And to my friends and family who golfed and/or came to the dinner:
Lou, DJ, Chris, Kasha, Vin, Julie, Jim, Nick, Donna, Mike, Ed, Jo-Ann
(forgive me if I forgot's almost midnight!!)

Until next year :)

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