Monday, October 4, 2010

Maria Scrapbooks - Day Two

Now, for the next three days - do not feel bad for Lily or Nolie because it will be the "Layla Show".  We are coming up on Layla's ONE YEAR Anniversary with us and she is finally getting her own scrapbook pages.  Lily and Nolie have theirs and Layla was far behind!!

So....again.....not being a scrapbooker - I really was trying to use up items I had in my stock and the layouts are far more challenging than making a card. Wow - I'll take cardmaking ANYDAY!!  I give my props to the scrapbookers.
Since Ms. Layla was snow-encrusted.......she was my 'snow angel' for this shot. I went through my holiday paper and liked the patterned paper. Of course, I didn't have blues to match - so I had to go with the black background, but I think it works for the snowflakes up the top.  They are a combo of brads, punches and stamps. A little bling here and there.........and Layla's first page was complete!!!

Have a great day!!


Cheryl said...

I think it looks great! She is beautiful. I love the mixed & matched snowflakes.

Lynn McAuley said...

What a fun page for this awesome photo!! Looks like someone really enjoys the snow!!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

You really have done a great job and you say you are not a scrapbooker...What a cute little pictures.

Patricia said...

I think the black background works really well here since Layla is mostly black. Good job!

jimlynn said...

Oh so cute (and COLD looking!) I actaully like the black with the blue - and it matches the fur! Very cute.

Meg said...

Teehee, what an adorable picture! I really like the snowflakes against the black background!

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