Saturday, April 2, 2011

PTI - Congrats Grad

Hello and Happy Saturday!!!  Thanks for all the sweet comments on my cards lately! So nice to see a couple of new people stopping by the blog!

I have some 'business' to take care of before I start today's post!  I hope you can take the time to read through it!!

You'll probably notice my new blog header! (If you subscribe by email or reader- you have to click the title of the post to see it) I figured if I deleted the 'winter' header...spring will REALLY come to Connecticut. I also wanted to share the link of the tutorial that I use to make my headers. Now, seasoned bloggers won't need it - but if you're still learning - I definitely recommend **THIS** link by Clover Lane.  I've used it for my last four blog headers!

Also did anyone notice I didn't have my blog address correct in my last header?  DUH!!  I finally did about two weeks ago and now - I can say with confidence - it is correct!

Lastly.......there may not be many posts thisi coming week.  A few caring individuals are holding a Fundraising Tag Sale at my house this coming Saturday and a bunch of friends have been donating items for us to sell.  My garage is packed and we're trying to tag and organize as things come in.  Why are we fundraising?  Haylee (pictured above)  'needs' to go live at a dog sanctuary.  The current cost to get a dog in there is $5,000.00 and YES...we will raise that $$ and YES she deserves her LIFE!! 

We are also hosting a Stella and Dot jewelry party with 25% of the sales going to Haylee's 'scholarship fund'. You CAN help!!!  Click on **THIS LINK**.  On the right hand side of the page, it will say "FIND YOUR HOSTESS"   Click that and type in "CINDY POTTER".  Then you can SHOP SHOP SHOP to help save a life :)  (No pressure - but every girl needs some new jewelry for spring right??)

If you don't want to may consider mailing in a donation....please EMAIL ME and I'll give you all the details!!!  EVERY DOLLAR HELPS :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you and now on to the actual card post!!!!

Graduation season will be upon us before you know it! So, I decided to make a few graduation cards for my upcoming Spring Showcase sale.

I started with Papertrey Ink's Love Bird's cage.  I have only a few bird stamps but this one from Inkadinkado was just PERFECT for the idea I wanted of the bird breaking free from it's cage.

I struggled with the placement of the Hero Arts sentiment though.  Which one do you like better? Up top or down bottom?

For this third card - I wanted to make it REALLY apparent that this was a graduation card - so I grabbed my only graduation stamp from Studio G.  After taking the picture, I went back and added enamel accents where the grey dots are below.  I liked the look of that better.

Congratulations to you if you made it through this SUPER DUPER LONG POST!!!!!
Thanks for your visit!


Naturally Me Creations said...

What a cute & summery new header! I love the little flowers. I want my husband to help me make a new header for my blog too, i don't like it.

And i love the cards! That birdie stamp is really pretty, and i love that cute cage stamp as well.

Monica said...

Lovely header... thanks for sharing.

I hope the sale goes well and Haylee manages to get into a dog santurary.

Your cards are all lovely - clean and crisp.

xxx Monica

Meg said...

Love the birdie graduation cards! I think I like the horizontal card/sentiment placement best. Awesome new blog header, too! Bring on the Spring!

Good luck in your fundraising!

Harriet Skelly said...

Love the new header and these CAS cards!

Kathy and Lucky said...

Love your new header and no I didn't notice, so that's good right? Spring will be there before you know it (I hope, I know everyone is tired of winter there) Love your cards,CAS and colorful, I like the sentiment on the bottom I think, although, up top is nice also, no help at all huh :) Good luck on the sale, love what you do for the animals. (may have to hop over and donate)

Alissa said...

Love these!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful cards Maria! I think these images make perfect graduation cards.

I hope your tag sale went well and that you were able to raise the funds needed for Haylee.

I found a stray dog this week and was lucky enough to find his owner (even though he did not have a collar or tags on.) Poor old boy was so friendly! I went out to get in my car and he nearly scared me to death when he came up behind me and tried to jump in too. We walked around the neighborhood until I found some people that looked like they were looking for a dog and reunited him. (And I had to mention the fact that he didn't have any tags to which they didn't reply.)
Any how, I guess all is well that ends well.

Anne Marie said...

I KNEW I wanted to take the time to send you an original card for a reason! I want to also send something to help Haylee, she deserves it! I'm emailing you now... :)

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