Saturday, June 11, 2011

Introducing a new family member........

A new family member has joined the 'blog mascots'.    Meet Stevie..........a 6 year old Yorkie that Cindy rescued!

Here is Stevie (on right)  with his brother Tyler (a little blurry)

And here is Stevie wearing his protective goggles.  You see, Stevie is blind.  A sad case of a puppy mill "stud" dog who had an eye infection that never got treated.  When he wasn't useful to the puppy mill anymore (i.e.: pet store dog supplier).........they were going to shoot him.  Yes - shoot him!!!  But Yorkie Rescue came to HIS rescue....and then Cindy adopted him from them.
Stevie is learning his way around his new home and recognizing familiar voices now. He is one lucky dog!!  Thank you Cindy for being such a caring person!!!  Stevie thanks you too!!!
On another note - I wanted to give a shout out to Anne Marie Hile - of  Stampin' Anne - who send me two gorgeous doggy cards, along with a donation for Haylee!  This shout-out is long overdue, but as I've stated here before, May was just a crazy month!

I actually used one of her cards to send a donation down to Forever Home Sanctuary and here is the one card that remains in my 'stash'.
Isn't it just gorgeous???  If you haven't visited Anne Marie's are missing out!!  Go there now :)
Thanks Anne!!

Thanks for your visit!


Kathy and Lucky said...

What a sweet little doggie and I am sure so happy in his new home. Don't you just love those little faces so full of love for their human.

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures and Stevie's story. I am so happy he is at a good home now.

I love the card from AM! She is such a sweet and talented lady.

Have a great week end!

Meg said...

Oh, who's a little cutie with his doggles on?!?! Stevie is!!! He looks like a total sweetheart!

And how nice of Anne Marie to send you those fabulous dog cards along with a donation! That card is just full of fun!

jimlynn said...

Stevie is ADORABLE!!!! Just makes me want to come up there and give him a special hug. He's a cutie...and so sad about him being blind but know that he'll get wonderful care now.
Anne Marie's card is just fabulous - as all of hers are.

Anne Marie said...

Maria, I'm smitten with sweet, little Stevie!! What a cutie pah-tootie! I'm so happy that e has a new and loving home with Cindy. I will never understand how people can be so horrible to animals and NOT treat an infection like that. All for the sake of making some $$. Makes me so angry, I have tears in my eyes typing...ugh! Thankfully there are good people who care.

Thank you SO much for the shout out! You are so sweet. Ugh, tears again... :) Big hugs to you!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Oh, how cute is he!!! :) Too bad about the eyes.

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