Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sympathy cards..........

Ugh...........the dreaded sympathy cards............I've had to make three in the past two weeks.  One for a doggy passing, one for my friend's dad and one for my husband's boss.

The first two cards are pretty similar since I had to make them on the same day.  The gal that does my 'old' job had to put her basset hound, Lily, down - I wanted to make her a card with Lily's on it.  I colored in prisma pencils and then popped up some of the flowers.

My friend Danielle's dad passed away last week after a very short cancer diagnosis. Wahhhh. Such a tragedy because he had just retired from work only a few months ago.  I used same layout, but sewed on this card.

And this card I had to make for my husband's boss, who died on Monday from a massive heart attack - Wahhhhh. He was only 57 and was a healthy & fit man. This devastated me.  I had only been in his company about a dozen times, but it just happened out of the blue, and it's a reminder how fragile life is.

So, I hope I didn't depress too many of you with today's post.  Maybe it will just serve as a reminder to be happy each day, forget the little annoyances, tell your loved ones you love them, and treat people nicely.

I re-read this post Saturday night before turning in.....and decided to add some cheerfulness to this post....
What makes Maria cheerful???????  NUTELLA !!!!!!!!!!

On Friday night, we made pizza on the grill and that included dessert pizza.....Nutella with bananas and strawberries:

mmmmm....gooey Nutella fingers!!!!

And because Cindy can't have Nutella because she's allergic to nuts........she made this cream cheese fruit pizza on a Boboli wheat crust.  Delish!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kathy and Lucky said...

Your cards are beautiful and will bring comfort to those receiving. I find sympathy cards so hard to make, but your cards are just gorgeous. Loving those dessert pizzas, I never think to make them, but yummy!!!!!!

jimlynn said...

Maria, so sorry you had to make all these sympathy cards but they're so pretty! Your sewing is looking wonderful too!!!
Those, not real sure about that! I'm just going to have to take your word on how good they are. LOL!

Cheryl said...

Awww, sorry you had the need for sympathy cards. All of these are beautiful. Your sewing looks great.

The pizzas look yummy!

Meg said...

I'm sure these cards will be very much appreciated. I love the fact that you didn't shy away from bright colors for these, sometimes you get tired from all the subtle soft sympathy colors.

That nutella pizza looks very, um, *intriguing*.

Anne Marie said...

Oh Maria, so sorry you had to make so many sympathy cards at one time. I'm sure they were very appreciated. They are all gorgeous! The pawprint on Lily's card is a sweet touch, too.

Those dessert pizza's looks amazing! Hmmmm, I think I'm going to have a little Nutella (with sliced banana) on toast this morning, in your honor. That stuff is SO yummy!! :)

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