Friday, August 5, 2011

SSS119 - Thinking of You

First off - I want say THANKS! to those of you who've sent me messages regarding Layla. I was back at vet with her on Thursday. She's still got swollen legs and lymph nodes are swollen too. He took samples from nodes and I'm waiting on results.

My cousin called me the other day to ask if I had any greyhound stamps.  He wanted to send a friend a card who's undergoing chemo and wanted to recreate his dogs on the card.  I grabbed my MFT dog set and stamped out two greyhounds.  My cousin sent me a picture of the two dogs, so I colored them up the best I could based on the picture.
I used The Sweet Stop Sketch #119 for the layout of the card.  And I added some dew drops that were so nicely sent to me by Cheryl!!!

Here's the Sweet Stop Sketch if you want to play along:

So - just a question..........does my card look blurry to you out there in blogland?  It looks fine to me on Picasa, but when I upload it for my post it looks blurry.  Not sure if it's my eyes....or something with my picture taking. I'd love to hear how you SEE my card :)

Thanks for your visit!


Carl said...

Looks great!! Yes, the bottom card looks blurry.

Kathy and Lucky said...

Your card looks fine, not blurry to me. This is a great card love the layout and the greyhounds, I am sure your cousin will love it. Love the papers you used and the tufts as grass. Great job. Prayers that the tests for Layla come out with a real easy fix for her, just different medicine and she is pain free soon. Have a great weekend.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful card! I love that it is personalized to the recipient. I love your coloring.

I don't think the picture looks blurry. I have the same problem with my photos. I don't know if it is my eyes or the various programs or my monitor.

The dew drops look great! :)

Have a wonderful week end!

jimlynn said...

Keeping my fingers - and toes crossed about Layla! Give her a special hug for me.
Your card doesn't look blurry to me! And it's just wonderful. I know he's going to like that. Wonderful coloring on those two little guys!

Meg said...

Very sweet greyhound card-I'm sure the recipient will be so excited to see his dogs featured on it!

The picture look fine to me, but I've heard a lot of people have the same complaint (about pictures on their blogs), so maybe it's not just your eyes.

Hoping that you get some good news about Layla!

Anne Marie said...

What a great card, Maria! Love the scenes you created for the images, too. Awesome take on the sketch. :)

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