Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Craft Sale for Pups!!!

No card today - but I hope you'd do me a favor!

I added a blog button on the right for a Craft Sale for Pups we are hosting at my house on Saturday April 20th.

I also added a page to the blog!

Click either one to get info about what we are doing and how you can help!!

If you can't help............I'd appreciate if you could post information about our donation request on your blog - just to gain a bit more traffic!!!

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Monica said...

Sorry I just saw this post... too late now, right?

Monica said...

Sorry for answering your mail here - just easier to do it rather than go into my inbox. If I want to do a post, what would you like the contents to be?

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