Monday, June 10, 2013

Fly your flag........

Yes - it's Monday again!  Hope you had a nice weekend!  I worked on a journal page last week that I'm sharing today!

Any of my reader's drink Yogi tea?  They have inspirational quotes on the tea bag tag and I've been saving them up for months to be used on 'something'...........and this past week - an idea came to me!  I had the idea of wind turbines in a field, but instead of the turbines..........the quotes would be flying on flags.

Here's what wind turbines look like:

Here are all the quotes I used:
  • Live by intuition and consciousness.
  • When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.
  • Goodness should be come human nature, because it is real in nature.
  • Be kind and compassionate and the whole world will be your friend.
  • Let your manners speak, your deeds prove and your delivery impress.
  • You must know that you can swim through every tide and change of time.
  • The universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by your heart.
  • Your life is based on the capacity of energy in you, not outside of you.
  • If you unconsciously live a conscious life, you can never be poor.
  • You will never find happiness if you do not conquer your own doubt.
  • The art of longing and the art of belonging must be experienced in life.
  • Do not live by emotions; instead live by intuition and consciousness.
  • You will feel fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else.
  • Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give.
  • The rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind and soul.
  • You can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction must come from within.
  • Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is
  • We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.

I hope you Fly Your Flag this week!!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit!


Olga said...


Lynn McAuley said...

What an awesome piece, Marie!!

I am adding pages to some "Gram's Words to Live By" flip books for my granddaughters!!

I see on your flags some wisdom I could steal!!


jimlynn said...

Maria, your little flags are much cuter than those turbines!!! Great pages and a very creative idea!

Monica said...

I have heard of Yogi teas...
Your journal page is very sweet.
And the quotes you share are so full of wisdom. I LOVED all of them/

Amanda R said...

Okay, don't laugh but when I saw the title on your project I immediately thought "fly your freak flag!". Pretty sure that wasn't what you were going for. Love the wind turbine idea and all of the flags, I love tea so might have to try and find some of that brand for myself.

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